more BS

I was bored yesterday, so while I was online, I came across this internet quiz to test knowledge about health. I decided to just take it even though it would probably be crappy. The first question was “what is the best way to get in shape?” The choices: a)weight training, b)a combination of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and diet, c)aerobics, and d)diet alone. I figure that it will obviously be B, so I choose it, and it says “wrong, the answer is C: aerobics.” What the fuck is that shit? It pissed me off, so I had to post it to vent. I figured at least there are other people here who know that it’s BS.

Yeah thats BS, whats the link to that quiz so I can have a good laugh?

That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. It’s so bad it’s classic!

I personally thought the answer was none of the above…i mean i figured if you followed the jared guy from subway you would lose all your bodyfat and then if you hit some tony little products you would be big as mr. olympian…guess i was wrong lol jk dude…i feel for ya man…i think i get pissed off at least hourly about stupid crap i read or hear…man people that actually know what there doing gotta stick together…what pissed me off personally today is i began studying for my personal trainier exam with NSCA and some of that stuff is pretty thorough and complex…anyways i am sitting here reading ONLY THE FIRST CHAPTER and i am pissed cuz my xroommate went and got his certification at this piss on school that was a joke…i mean if you showed up for the class you got a B then if you participated it was an A…he never studied and he wasnt smart…he made a freakin 12 on a test in MATH 100 thats sad…i mean he’s a moron and i know being certified or educated doesnt always mean you know the best but i mean this guy is going to be training people…he had great genetics…i mean he ate crap like mac and cheese and then did chest like 3 times a week and crap and hes big and ripped and its cuz of his genetics or steroids for others but him genetics…he got confused when i tried explaining the difference between anabolic and androgenic…it was like explaining rocket science to a chimpanzie lmfao…him and his loser friends thought i was crazy eating plain tuna and stuff…they are like i dont eat what i dont like and i was like gotta do this to lean up or get my protein intake in…they would look at me like i was a moron…damn i hate these people sometimes…the people that go i am big so i know more than you…f them…the only reason i am not bigger is i am not consistent enough and genetics…but i have done good for where i started naturally…so anyways good luck dude and always vent on here i will look for ya and back ya up…good luck…

i took a similar quiz on a few weeks ago and also got very pissed off that some people that don’t know better will actually listen to that advice. oh yeah, and the subway diet does work. it’s not just for jared either. that henry guy tried it and now he is the shit too. “It’s Henry, It’s Henry!!!” LOL. WTF. i hate society… peace

actually, I looked again and realized that I posted it incorrectly (I was posting from memory). The question was “what is the best form of exercise?” and the answers were: a)aerobics classes, b)a combination of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching, c)yoga, and d)working out with machines. It says the answer is a)aerobics classes (I guess that is the REAL secret to training…I bet that is the staple in all of the programs of premier athletes).

Anyway, here’s the link to the quiz: tests/whfitness.htm