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More book stuff...

Hi, I’m looking to get some feedback from the forum. Has anyone read Pavel Tsatsouline’s book, “Power to the People”? Have you implemented his training ideas and what results have you gotten? What about the deadlift and side presses routine, anyone try it?

Warrior, yes I have this book. It is an easy read and he has some interesting thoughts. Although, I don’t agree with many of his ideas. But the deadlift and side press are good exercises. I recently put deadlifts back into my routine. As I’m still rehabbing a bad knee (tendonitis) that acts up every once in a while. Squatting seems to aggravate it, so I’ve dropped the weighted squats (but doing the Hindu squats), and am primarily focusing on deadlifts. Overall, I wouldn’t put this book very high on my list. I’ve read quite a few others that were much better. But hey, everyone has something to contribute!