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More Big Lifts from This Weekend


This weekend a few of the people I work with competed in an olympic lifting competition. I don’t have all the videos yet but here are some. Sorry for the quality, I was judging the competition this is from someone’s cell phone.

Dave with a 300lbs snatch

Felix with a 273lbs snatch

And a 344lbs clean & jerk

Dave beat Felix by 1kg on the total, he was too burned out from the snatch to perform at his best on the clean & jerk… to give you an idea Dave’s best snatch prior to that competition was 280lbs.


And Catherine with a clean & jerk PR. It was her first competition and she has just began to learn the split jerk.


Looks great! I’m very excited to run your Olympic program this Spring!


I get emotional watching these videos, My plans in training is to always practice these OL.


Here are some other lifts.

Nothing better than girls with nice snatches!

Catherine Bouchard’s 3rd snatch

Joanie Tremblay hitting her 3rd attempt despite being sick. She also PRed on the clean & jerk with 185, cleaning 190

Miriam Nourcy with her 3rd attempt… overly conservative but it has been a while since she went heavy.

Melodie Richard… also cleaned 203lbs, missing the jerk


O yea, Nothing like that… The three of them look very strong but Cath look huge.


Not sure if it’s a compliment :slight_smile: She has good potential, very young.