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More Best Damn Questions


Hi Christian, long time listener first time caller :slight_smile:, thanks for being so generous with your time and knowledge.

On to the questions

  • Would there be any benefit to to separating the upper body and lower body portions of the push or pull workout in the same day??(eg. doing Pec/Delt/Tri at noon, then Quads at 5 in the afternoon) Would this help with keeping the length of the individual training sessions shorter, but keeping the weekly frequency the same? I work from home and have a good garage gym, so training twice a day isnโ€™t an issue.

  • Somewhat related, is it systemic catabolism we are trying to negate by keeping frequency high/volume low, or is it more localized protein breakdown of the individual muscle groups? or a combination of both?

  • How would you incorporate unilateral training into the Best Damn method? Would it introduce too many total sets? Strong side or weak side first?

  • Bonus Unrelated Question - I inherited a bowflex when my parents downgraded to a condo, does it have any redeeming qualities? Are there any exercises or muscle groups that benefit from itsโ€™ resistance curve? Or is it just an expensive clothes rack?