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More Bench Press Advice?


I have just started lifting again after taking a year off after a job change and my son being born but I am having a problem with my bench. I am and always have been very weak on the press at the bottom of the movement. So from my chest to about 4 inches above I struggle and i am wondering how to correct this issue.

Should I try lifting lighter until I can rebuild my strength back up or is it a weak upper back issue. Have any of you ever had this and what did you do to correct it?


Two things have helped me to be stronger off the chest... OK 3 things: 1) Getting a better arch is one (but if you aren't a powerlifter this may not matter to you), 2) Doing reps with a pause on the chest and then trying to explode the weight off your chest, and 3) Pin presses at chest height.

I imagine your upper-back could be an issue too, but without seeing your form or anything that's tough to say.

I am probably not the best person for bench press advice, but these things do work and they helped me go from benching 200 to 265 over the course of 1 year and my issue was power off the chest as well. Give it a shot and see what you think.

Post some video and maybe someone more knowledgable then me can help you out.


A video would definitely help. Preferably with a weight that's over 90% of your 1RM.

In the meantime, read this: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/pressing_power


i should have mentioned , when i bench i usually have a 2-1-1 tempo. I let is rest on my chest for just a sec before i explode up.


Ok, thanks for the article i couldnt find that when I did a search. If anyone else has any more advise post away.


I think that my problem may be the lat strength issue and not getting the lats engaged. i will work on that and any other advise will be appreciated...thanks