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More Basic Products From Biotest?


Hey I was just wondering if you guys were thinking about making some other supplements that most people here take, like a vitamin/mineral supplement, or fish oil, or flax oil pills?

Maybe a simple, pure creatine product?

This would make it easier to be able to buy all (or most) of our supplements from the same place.

Since you're known for your quality in your other products, I'm sure we'd be able to trust the quality of these as well.

Any thoughts on this already?


This topic has been discussed before, but Biotest focuses more on bringing cutting-edge products to the market.

As for products that are already in existence, if it can't be greatly improved upon, why bother? Goes back to being cutting-edge.

But, if you check out the notes in LL's latest article, you'll find out that there is a EFA supp in the works. I'm anxiously awaiting this one, myself!

I agree though, a multi-vitamin/mineral geared towards hard-training individuals would be an awesome addition.


It's probably a given that the EFA supps they're going to release will have pre-activated EFA's. Some of us can't get the full benefit of foods like flax seeds b/c we produce lower levels of delta 6-desaturase. Needless to say, I can't wait for this product to come out.


Wouldn't fish oil be an easy alternative.


That's an interesting choice of words....so fish oil is pre-activated flax?


I take fish oil now. But if Biotest comes out with their own EFA's, I'll buy theirs when the stuff I'm taking now runs out.


Delta 6-desaturase "activates" EFA's so the body can absorb them. Flax seed is not "activated" however fish oil is, which allows people like me to get the full benefits of EFA's without taking exorbitant amounts of it.


I see what you're saying about the cutting edge supplements, and I remember reading something about that in one of their adds, but I just thought that it'd be easier to get most or all of my supplements from here. For the quality we're getting, these are pretty cheap in price!

I'd love to see the EFA supplement too! Any word on when it might come out?


Yeah, the convenience would be nice, but we've got to think about our priorities. Myself, I'd rather see the money going to more R & D for some new killer products.

I can get creatine anywhere, I'd rather see what the brains at Biotest can roll out next. :wink:

But with an EFA and mult-vitamin/mineral (lets keep our fingers crossed!), we could do most of our shopping here.

Last I remember reading, the EFA supp was coming out sometime this summer.

This is from TC's State of the Union, 2005 article:

"As far as supplements, we're nearing completion of a fatty acid product that isn't just made with squeezed fish guts like other fatty acid supplements. Nope, we put some thought into this and decided to maximize those qualities of functional oils that are the most desirable.

Case in point, most experts agree at least on one thing: inflammation is, in general, a bad thing and responsible for aspects of everything from heart disease to joint pain. So, why not make a fatty acid product specifically aimed at that problem?

So we done did it. We created a product that we can say without hesitation that every man alive should use until he goes to live with underground grandma.

You'll soon be able to buy a functional fatty acid blend that's never been produced anywhere before; a fatty acid blend that'll have a level of purity that's unheard of; a fatty acid blend that's specifically targeted to combat inflammation, inflammation in men; a fatty acid blend that would cost well over a hundred dollars a bottle if it were sold on retail shelves. However, since this will be a T-Nation-only product, we'll cut out the middlemen and sell this oil at a real nice price.

If things go according to plan, this product should be available in mid-summer. Inflammation, say your prayers."



Agreed. There's plenty of quality fish oil/flax supplements, multivitamins geared towards athletes, etc... on the market. I think Biotest is best off with its focus where it lies.


Interesting about the fatty acid supplment, though. I wonder what the difference would be. Maybe much higher levels of DHA?