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More bar squeaking - workout clip from 7th :)

forgot to bring the wd40… damn bars suck at my gym, hear the squeaks!!! :slight_smile:

Right click on each link and save before watching to avoid errors!

Powerclean and splitjerks - first single is 175lbs (with a frontsquat) and then rest are 195lbs


form is getting better overall, but rear foot still turned out. I think it’s the camera angle but it makes it look like my feet angle out more than they really do.

Would have liked to filmed my snatch pulls, but no memory left :frowning:


Wednesday 7th January - Week 12 - Speed Strength - Day 3 -Olys and Pulls - Afternoon

Slightly sore from last session, but a good session overall

Warmup+ CoreWork+Plyos

Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - Hang slow cleanpull, military press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean and powerjerks for a few

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

Back Extensions x8, Twisting Back Extensions +10lbs 2x10
Incline situps with Russian twists to each side at the top - arms held outstretched x6, +10lbs 2x8

Ankle Jumps - Low 3x10secs, High 3x5

Bulgarian SplitSquat ISO hold - BW x 1min
damn was this painful!


Warmups - Shoulder Dislocates with wooden staff,
Used bar for a few warmup stuff
rest - 1min or so
Hang Powerclean + frontsquat + 2 low SplitJerks - 45lbs x 3
Powerclean + Frontsquat+ 2 SplitJerks - 89lbs
Powerclean + Frontsquat+ SplitJerk - 89lbs, 109lbs 129lbs, 155lbs, 175lbs

Rest - 1.5 to 2mins Hookgrip on Clean
Powerclean + SplitJerk - 195lbs x 5 singles - all good!

frontsquats done fairly quickly - holding onto bar
Powerclean and 3 frontsquats - 195lbs
Powerclean and 1 frontsquats - 195lbs - dumped at bottom
Powerclean and 3 frontsquats - 195lbs

Felt pretty good all round, 195 is starting to feel heavier.
Dumped the 2nd set of frontsquats, went forward at the bottom
All frontsquats made me start to black out slightly. Guess I must be rounding, upperback strength needs work. No problems for legs however.

Snatch HighPull + eccentric RDL - complexed with Jumping Boxsquats

Warmups - SnatchPull + Eccentric RDL 155lbs x 1
rest - 1min between each

HookGrip - reset on each Snatch Pull rep - Pulled to Shoulder height
Snatch HighPull + 2 sec Eccentric RDL - 175lbs 4x2

complexed with -
Jumping Boxsquats on flat bench - 25lbs 4x3

Snatch Stuff

Did various complexed stuff - hang powersnatch, behind the neck jerk, overhead squats, drop snatch - Bar x 2sets, 65lbs, 89lbs --> found this one harder to balance again on the drop snatches

SnatchGrip Behind the neck PushPress - rest 1min
105lbs 3x5
Lowered under control till halfway down and the dropped on traps, bending legs to absorb shock - reset after each rep.


Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion machine
No rest - alternating sides
10lbs 2x10

Reverse Back Extensions
Tempo 1010 BW x12

Then layed over a swiss ball face down to stetch out the erectors and open up the spine for a couple of mins

Looking good col, can see that extra kilo from christmas excess!

That bloke in the blue vest managed to load eight plates onto the machine in the time it took you to rest, he must have some weird form of GPP plate loading going on! ( and a cancerous suntan).

What are the main goals for the year?

Actually there is a single missing there, not sure what happened to it, must have deleted by accident! So yeah 3mins or so in between where he loaded the plates :slight_smile:
Actually he’s not that much darker than I am, just the lighting on the platform make it look like that :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - on that day , when I was doing the jumping boxsquats with 25lbs on my back, my head almost touched the roof!
within 3 or inches of it. granted the roof is not that high, about 6 inches above the top of the powerrack. But considering the load on my back and the fact I sit on a bench from a static start and the bench dulls the stretch reflex on the rest of the reps, plus done in olys shoes (which are heavy and heel raised) I was surprised.
I’m gonna try and touch my head on the roof ,and once that is done, I’ll up the load to 35lbs and try again :slight_smile:

As far as goals, finally full squat 405lbs, and maybe more - we will see :slight_smile:
Like to powerclean 240+, powersnatch 175+ . 14inch grip bench 315lbs, military press 225lbs. Nail that 455lb deadlift I almost made one day too.
Vertical jump over 40inches would be nice too…:stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet goals but you know what I (we) are going to say, man you can squat more than 405 no doubt!

military press of 100kg would be cool too and a vertical leap of 40 inches!! I’ll see you in the NBA soon then!

That powerclean goal looks like it’ll fall easily too.

All in all a fairly good year for you coming up then.

Also I’d like to drop 25lbs of blubber :slight_smile:
That ought to nitro boost my explosiveness!

Yeah I’ll have 405lbs fairly soon. 455 perhaps, 500lbs would be nice, but that’s like over 120lbs in a yeah, hmm, who knows stranger things have happened and training age is relatively young at just over 2 years.

I think gains this year will be good, not as good as my first year, but I finally know how my body ticks, and how to get it moving up.

Kind of off topic, but how the hell do you put video on the net anyway? This concept eludes me, unless you use a web cam, which is obviously not the case.

Well it’s filmed with a digital camera, then tranfered to the PC, edited and encoded, uploaded to my ISP websapce and linked :slight_smile:

I work at a gym and I’ll tell you that to get rid of bar squeak what you need to do is take the bar apart (little allen key on the end) and grease them up. There’s only metal on metal in there and while the WD 40 will help in the short term it’ll do nothing for the actual problem.

We try to do this every 6 months or so.

Just FYI



Just got me thinking… Does anyone know if you can replace just the bearings in an olympic bar? Or is it just as economical to buy a better bar?

I could use my piece of crap bar as a wrist roller it has so much resistance in it!


I would have preferred to see your snatch too :wink:

If you don’t mind me asking how much can you push press compared to how much you jerk?

Well my gym really sucks as far as bars go, and the gym doesn’t care too much about that… its funny that oly gyms have far better quality bars than my gym.
Mmm Elieko…one day I’'ll experience these beauties msyelf :slight_smile:

Well a push press would compare better to a powerjerk. Most I have powerjerked is 193lbs a few months back, maybe can do more now, but I can’t powerjerk very well since my shoulders lack the flexibility needed to get the bar behind the head. But some ISO hold pullovers may help me here :slight_smile:

Pushpress, most I have done is 165lbs for a few sets of triples, that I posted a clip of a few weeks back.
I can militarypress 175lbs for a double, so maybe 185-195lbs for a pushpress max?
I’m not very good at pushpressing though, find it awkward, and my leg drive doesn’t do much, just enough to get it past the sticking point.

Whereas jerking for me is all legs, not much arms in there. I basicly jump the bar up and dip under.
Some people do pushpresses like a jerk with pressing added in, I don’t do pushpresses like that.