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More Anti-Supplement Propoganda?


Teens' Use of Herbals May Raise Drug Abuse Risk


I was incredulous when I heard this study cited on the radio this morning...


This isnt herbals such as green tea and the like although it doesnt make that clear.
Herbals is also a generic term for some substances bought in certian kinds of shops (mushrooms, and 'different' types of tobacco).


This is the opening shot for another round of medical persecution of supplements. Big pharma is on a roll. Round 2 will be a campaign declaring green tea to be a gateway drug for 14 year olds.


Thats the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. The results are skewed... All high school students drink, most smoke, and some smoke weed. It just so happened that these kids used herbal suppliments.


DOn't let it stress you out guys. We all know what stress can do, and when it comes down to it I know what I'm going to do with my body :slight_smile: WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT :slight_smile: So just keep educating yourself and watch all these lobbyists (sp?) politicians, and other people who's job seem to be interfering in the lives of others and smile.


Geez, just another load of BS by big buisness medicine trying to knock down supps a notch again. Does anyone know who these health day news people are?


stop panicking and read my first reply.

Herbals is not herbs. This article is not stating that green tea and milk thistle are devils. Herbal means herbal tobacco, mushrooms and the like.


"Herbal remedies, therefore, could include everything from dietary supplements such as vitamins or St. John's Wort, to natural performance enhancers such as creatine."

Quote from the linked article.