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More Anti-Steroids Propaganda

More propaganda from ESPN.
The typical “protect the children” and “Lyle Alzado” crap. The violent acts attributed to roid rage are laughable. The analogy of steroids and nuclear weapons is a bit much.
Oh my God, not the ferociously aggressive hamsters!!!


did you see 60 mins tonight? omg. a 17 yr old kid in highschool taking an injectable testosterone and orals without any knowledge obviously. so the parrents put him in counseling because hes moody. what 17 yr old boy isnt. the shrink gets the boy to come out and say he was on juice and he tells his parrents. the kid comes off the juice and all is good. untill he starts steeling. steeling is bad and steroids are supposidly bad so it must be the steroids fault. so the parrents find hes stealing and they ground him and take away all privaledges. thats all well and fine. but then the kid goes and hangs himself in his bedroom and guess what. its gotta be the roids fault.

60 mins took up 15 mins with this story.
what did it tell me? it told me that there was a 17 yr old kid who wanted to get huge and didnt do any research what so ever. it also tells me that the kid had some problems that his shrink who is suppose to be a professional wasnt paying very much attention to. her patients behavior and symptoms should have been noticed emidiately.

but why blame ignorance and malpractice when you can have such an easy scapegoat like anabolics… to all of the 17,18,19 yr olds on here… take advantage of your youth and the ability it has to grow naturaly. your body is still maturing and growing. dont fuck with it till its settled down.

Yeah, well…after reading that article earlier today, I saw the beginning of 60 minutes II. You want propoganda…

I feel bad for the high school athlete who killed himself, but I disagree with the blame they put on steroids. Basically, I see too much pressure being placed on kids to perform by their coaches, which in some cases leads to everything from cheating to suicide and steroid use. As for his depression, it sounds like he had serious issues outside steroid use, and that’s what killed him!

But steroids do make a great scapegoat…