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More and More Chin-Ups

Hi CT!
I’m 36 year old male, 110kg/242lb, I like to do chin-ups.
I just won a chin-up competition in 110+kg bodyweight category with 28 reps.
I got to this by just doing quite a lot of chin-ups for six months.
I also did some weighted chin-ups but not much.
Right after the competition I decided to do it again next year and I want to destroy my old record.
The problem is that I don’t know how to divide my training into long sets, weighted sets, negatives and all the other variations. Just by doing a lot of chin-ups works to some point but it’s not the optimal way anymore.

Any ideas of how to start building the chin-up program for the next 11 months?

Start doing 20 Reps in as few as sets as possible. Once you can do 15 unbroken reps bump the total reps up to 30. Once you can 20 total unbroken reps add 10lbs and jump back down to 20 and rinse and repeat.

Or just use it as a main movement and do Max Effort, Repetition and Dynamic Days