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More Anaconda or MAG-10?


I am currently using one scoop of Anaconda during my workout, but I would like to know what the difference is between using two servings of Anaconda vs. one serving of Anaconda plus one serving of MAG-10. My current goal is muscle gain.


Anaconda has beta-alanine and creatine that MAG-10 does not, not too sure what else, personally I do 1 of Anaconda, 1 MAG-10, and 1 Surge workout fuel.


Curious to how much that costs per w.o.? Do you think it's worth it?


What determines whether or not one needs more MAG-10 than is already in one serving of Anaconda?


COmbining extra MAG-10 with the Anaconda allows you to add to the amount of Casein Hydrolysate you're ingesting, without killing your dosing of Beta Alanine (some people cannot tolerate high amounts of it). Also, you can take extra MAG-10 throughout the day as an extra protein kick.



It works out to about $5.35 per workout, and I'm not sure if its worth it or not. I have been buying it for a while and am debating getting on some cheaper para workout supplement because I realize that I can save a lot of money. I still have a good bit lying around before I need more of it or another supplement so I have some time to think about it. I think atleast the Surge workout fuel should stay in my line of supplements as its only about $.94 cents per scoop.


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I drink it all day long. If you add powdered Gatorade it tastes like fruit punch...so most of my fluid intake daily is MAG-10 during the week.