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More About Micro-Oscillations


I read about them here http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/1730 and I want to know more, but I can´t find anything. Can you please give e some sources? :slight_smile:


No, it's a concept I developed after observation of the type of contraction you have when doing gymnastic rings. I did not write anything more on the topic.


When you do weighted push ups with hands on bosu, micro-oscillations happen too?

And you mentioned there ocsillatory strechning, but when I read about that, it´s just "Oscillatory stretching is a back-and-forth motion of the joint through a full range of motion"


I read your Black book, HTMB, Jackyl and Hyde, majority of your articles here. Theory and Application of Modern Strenght and Power Methods are waiting for me now :smiley:

You are one of most fresh strenght trainers that I know with oly lifting, jumps, isometrics, negative-less, power holds and all that stuff on the bodybuilding field.

But it´s seems like you wrote about rings just in very short time (livespills). And when I read Anaconda protocols (from that time?), there isn´t any gymnastics.

So do you believe in ring exercises for hyperthrophy and overall strenght now? And why you didn´t write about it more? Some videos you CT doing front levers? :smiley: