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More about Massive Eating...

Obviously many people are thinking about adapting the Massive Eating diet into a “Massive Cutting” diet. I would like to make some suggestions, and then ask some questions.
To put together my version of the Massive Cutting diet, I figured the following. If my caloric requirement, as calculated by JB’s article (Massive Eating, for those of you who are dead to the world), is about 4000 calories a day, since 4000 is basically a maintanence level for workout days, that would mean that 4000 - cost-of-exercise (about 3200 for me)would be a maintanence level for non-workout days. This gives us an overall maintanence diet program (pretty useless). Now, if we simply used the preceding amount on our workout days, and would create a 500 - 1000 calorie deficit every workout day. This seems as though we should have an effective diet for cutting and preserving (+Androsol = even adding?) muscle mass over a prolonged period of time. At least when compared to something like Fat Fast.
Everyone see where I’m coming from here? I’m really curious to see how this might compare to the T-dawg diet, where the calculations always result in smaller calorie requirements. Is this enough of a calorie deficit? Maybe subtract a further 500 calories a day to create a larger deficit? By comparison, a 500 calorie deduction would leave me at about 2500 calories a day, which is pretty much what I get from the T-dawg Diet calculations. Any thoughts from the pros? Thanks!

Choad the Toad (just playin’), JB addressed a similar post last week, I believe, regarding caloric requirements during a dieting phase. He made the point that the same equations from Massive Eating are not used for a variety of reasons including lowered activity level due to decreased energy, sluggishness, slowed metabolism and the like. You might want to look that one up. He gave some nice percentages to subtract from the Massive Eating caloric requirements.