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More 8 Week cycle

Like I said earlier…when I think I have a cycle figured out, I read something contradicting it…My modified 8 week cycle then:
Week 1-6: Sust 500mg (or Sust at 1000mg without Deca and D-bol, which is better?), Deca 400mg, D-bol 50mg/day.
Week 7: Primo 600mg, Winstrol 50mg/day
Week 8: Primo 400mg, Winstrol 50mg/day
Clomid at 50mg/day throughout week 10.

(7 yrs of BB and powerlifting, a few 2 week cycles, 6', 230lbs, 8%bf)

Please respond to this, would appreciate your help with this!

Sust with Deca and Dbol is better, but why? Well lets take a closer look and your modified cycles. #1: Sustanon only at 1000mg/week. Here you are using 1000mg/week of T. #2: Sus at 500mg/week, Deca at 400mg/week, and Dbol at 350mg/week (50mg/day). Here you are using 1250mg/week of different steroids which will give you synergistic effects. More gear and syngeristic effects = more gains