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Did anyone catch the fight this weekend? I had to miss it 'cause I was working on a paper, but I heard it was an awesome fight.

I know the first two fights were close and contrversial, but this one seemed decisive.

Did anyone else watch it? Am I the only boxing fan here? What did people think about the fight?

Hell no your not the only boxing fan here.
My father and I watched it. It was a great fight.
Erik Morales as usual started cold and began to warm up by the 4th round. But throughout the fight Erik Morales fought at a close distance rahter than fighting at a farther distance-which happens to be his fighting distance.
Marco Antonio Barrera started off hot from the begining. It was not until the 11th round that he was really tired. Like the two previous two fights, for the last seconds of the 11th and 12th rounds they went all out and Marco Antonio Barrera dug deep into his heart to throw the punches he did.
After the fight Marco Antonio Barrera approached Erik Morales to congratulate him and Morales responded by saying, “Chinga Tu Madre.” Which means “Go F_ck You’re Mother.”

It was a great fight. The other three fights before the main event were not that great.

If you have any questions let me know.