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moral question?

Let’s say you have a 16 year old cousin who has decided he “must” take steroids to make the football team, and there is no way you’re gonna talk him out of it, what do you do? Do you tell him he’s an idiot and leave it at that, or do you help him out so you can at least have his best interest in mind. I know some kids in this situation, not sure what to do.

You tell him to come on this site and let warhorse, p-22, drago, or any one of us tell him why he needs to rethink his freakin decission!
Tell him to visit T-Nation and do some Damn Research!
Convince him that there is absolutely No Way he has even remotely reached his natural potential and he will be hurting himself long term more than he will be helping…
And be straight up with him about once he has reached that point and reached a decent age, and maturity in the the Gym to come back to the Nation and people will be more than glad to help him out…

It’s a no win situation. If you don’t help he might screw himself for life. If you help, you’ll get hung by others for helping a kid taking steroids.

If he’s going to use no matter what you say, the only thing (IMHO) you can do is to force him to study so he finds out for himself the dangers and how to avoid them. That way he might choose to wait because of what he have learnt.

steal his gear and do it yourself.

Lock him up with weights and food untill he has reached his peak. Then let him out. Or thats tough. I would say talk to him in a down to earth way about how it could fuck him up big time. You can even BS a little. If he knew what it can do sexualy and with his growth, he may change his mind.
I mean if he is taking it just to make the football team its not worth it. He should be able to make it on skill. Skill does not come with steroids. He should spend the money on a training camp or something.
If he does do it, hes a dumbass this isnt even for college football with money for school. Fucking highschool!!

Ask him what he plans on taking. See what his cycle looks like. Tell him how much his cycle blows and all the estrogen-related side effects that he will endure. Make sure and let him know how fucking retarded he is and how much he could fuck himself up permanently by being so young and not done growing yet.

Tell him that if he does decide to go through with it, I will personally come over to his house and beat the shit out of him until he either: (a)understands how fucking stupid he is, or (b)is injured from the ass beating he just received and definitely won’t be seeing any playtime this season anyway.

Gotta be stern with these kids nowadays.

Give him a 22gauge 1.5"er full of prop, and tell him to jab it into his ass. If he can handle that, he probably wont handle not being able to sit down for 3 days.

Seriously, there is no good answer. Point him in the direction of the research, but if hes hell bent on doing it then you should at least try to minimize the damage he is going to do to himself.

You have to give him a suitable alternative which doesn’t have any bad points such as stunting your growth!

Tell him you can get the same results through hard training and good diet, sell him on something like Joe De Franco or something westside related for athletes. Get him looking at John Berardi diets. Show him inspirational stuff like the Beast Evolves by Christian Thibadeau to show him what he can achieve. Get him lifting significantly heavier within a month naturally and he’ll be hooked!

Get his folks involved, this should not be your responsibilty/problem.

Show him the gyno thread.

My son is taking this info to school today to give it to him, reading this thread will be the most informative thing so far for him. My son has made drastic changes over the past year by changing his workouts, mostly which we’ve learned through DeFrancos site, and also eating properly, many kids have made the remark that he must be on juice, I wish learning the proper way to eat and train was my priority at that age, not until it was my son did it matter enough to me to really start learning.

tell him you will get his gear for him. then let him inject two cc’s of sterile oil twice a week for 8 weeks. the placebo affect will do the rest. it is idiotic to start with gear at that age. i didnt touch a steroid until i was 28 and many will say i was too young.

tell on him

Tell his parents if he won’t listen to reason.

If all determents fail, I like drago’s idea of the placebo.

Hell, I might do that to myself. I tend to forget things pretty quickly. Maybe I can trick…myself. haha.

Give him fake shit and tell him its the best thing out, it’s all in his head.

Whatever you do, dont rat on him…He’ll hate you for it and if his mind is set up he’s gonna do either way. You gotta keep drillin it in his head how dumb it is. I speak from experience…Dont give up…and dont be a FUCKING RAT

There are ways to talk people out of things. It is called reasoning with them but we are dealing with a 16 year old kid here that probably sees other people doing them and he wants to jump on the band wagon. What you do is ask him his “Logical Reasoning” behind his wanting to do them and “Logically Explain” in a sympathetic listening manner how he is wrong. You have to craftfully influence him into believing he is making the wrong decision. GOOD LUCK!

If RU12’s advice didn’t work, I would second the sterile oil idea!!!

Tell him when he’s on “cycle” to eat 5000cal minimum, and he’ll gain weight! He will never know the difference, plus he’ll think he’s ‘cool’ and ‘on gear’!

Then when the cycle is over, tell him he’s a dumbass and slap him.