moral imperative

ok, so the degrading morality post (damn funny!) just made me do this. go to this site -

i especially like the project by the 7th grader “Women Were Designed For Homemaking”. of coarse i do wish i could read “Thermodynamics Of Hell Fire” THAT sounds so cool!

this stuff just reminds me when kansas mandated teraching creationism in school. according to their curriculum they do not believe they have evolved in 9 thousand years… hell, who am i to argue with that?

People always bring up the whole “division of church and state” thing when these issues come up. The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that the constitution is REALLY saying that there won’t be a state-mandated religion. It has nothing to do with keeping religion out of schools.

In fact, secular humanism HAS BEEN DEEMED A RELIGION by the Supreme Court, and that is all that’s allowed in public schools. It’s okay to teach evolution (the secular humanistic viewpoint), but NOT okay to even MENTION creation. So, how is that not a state-mandated (state-supported, actually) religion?

“according to their curriculum they do not believe they have evolved in 9 thousand years”

I’m a little confused…Should they?

“Patricia Lewis (grade 8) did an experiment to see if life can evolve from non-life. Patricia placed all the non-living ingredients of life - carbon (a charcoal briquet), purified water, and assorted minerals (a multi-vitamin) - into a sealed glass jar. The jar was left undisturbed, being exposed only to sunlight, for three weeks. (Patricia also prayed to God not to do anything miraculous during the course of the experiment, so as not to disqualify the findings.) No life evolved. This shows that life cannot come from non-life through natural processes.”

HAHAHAHAHA! Dumasses, you forgot to include ORGANIZATION of molecules as essential to life, and all the BIOLOGICAL and CHEMICAL processes that must take place to form a living being from non-living matter. Tell me, oh Genius, do you just throw buckets of paint at a wall and expect to have a new Michel Angelo or Picasso on the wall? Do you just throw buckets of metal on the floor and expect a Jet to magically appear before your eyes? Or do you take the time to build it yourself, piece by piece, process by process, carefully and slowly, paying particular attention to the order of processes that take place before more complex ones can be completed? Such a basic concept, and yet a TEACHER can’t grasp it. God save us all.

Also, let me add that NO natural processes occured to the non-living matter the girl got for her experiment.

Furthermore, Scientists’well known and widespread theory is that it took MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of years for the simplest of life forms to appear. They argue that the Natural processes not only needed to occur in a VERY SPECIFIC environment, they also had to occur in a VERY SPECIFIC order, and they were VERY SLOW in results.

That was very funny. I really thought it was a joke, especially the part about the Muslim kids being ineligible due to too many biblical inconsistencies.

I’m just scared by this…

Whenever I put in that webaddress, I get a site for avoiding spam…

This site is a parody. A REALLY, REALLY good one. Check out the kids page and the pastor’s note on “triclavianism”.

It’s kind of in the spirit of the Landover Baptist site (, only much more subtle and much, much funnier.

The fact that it fooled so many people (including me) does say something about the folks it is parodying, though.


Talk about legalized mind contagion with the stupidity virus. This should be illegal. Teachers who do not know what they talk about should be outlawed, or at banned from talking outside of their fields.

But any dumbass will use the freedom of expression escape door to teach whatever he wants to anybody. Fine. Then freedom-of-expression this: you`re still a fool if you talk outside your field of expertise, albeit a free-to-speak one.


The parody is a lot more obvious in the store and the music section.

Wow, some people have even more time on their hands than we do. Wacky Wacky Wicca Chick is my favorite.

Diesel wrote:
Tell me, oh Genius, do you just throw buckets of paint at a wall and expect to have a new Michel Angelo or Picasso on the wall? Do you just throw buckets of metal on the floor and expect a Jet to magically appear before your eyes?

Right. This is the view that the evolutionists take. Supposedly the “scientific” view, all justified because it took “millions and millions of years.” These are the same scientists that emphatically spout the law of entropy – that the universe tends towards DISORDER unless acted upon by an outside force. What, pray tell, would that outside force be?

I think the thing many people have to remember is that scientists are people too. They also would like to cover their asses, and they do so by saying, “Oh, it takes a million years”. Anti-creationists should also realize that the " 100% we are right" view of evolution is changing from evolution taking millions of years to taking not “that” long. My point is; that things like evolution are on shaky ground and is in no way proven true.

Another thing to remember is that many scientists believe in God, maybe not the same God as I or my other Christian forumites, but God nonetheless sp? So, if they believe in the god of order how could you rule out the possibility of the God of Miracles and Creation?

BRIDER: Please remember that scientists review their premises and update their theories when they are proven wrong.

Something I have yet to see ANY religion display. And Im talking about the ones who stood the test of time`, not some fad that came out in the last years.

`Nuff said. This tangent has already been discussed in detail in other God (and atheist) related threads. Back to the topic.

MACE J: Believing in God and verifying one scientist`s theories through experimentation are two different things.

Unless the scientist in question hints at it (and would it be the case, any atheist guy who does the same experiment with the same results automatically proves that belief in god is not essential for the experiments results, therefore killing the hint` in the egg).

I can flip a switch and have light in my room. If I say Let There Be Light just before doing it, does that make me God? ;ppp

Regardless, belief in God is not necessary for me to see the results of applied science in my everyday life, whether the invention came from a believer or not.

Let us not confuse issues. =0)

I think you’re confusing the issue. The debate at hand is not one of applied science, it is one of creation. Flipping on the light switch and saying “let there be light” is simplistic at best. You did not create the light nor did the scientist that made the bulb.

You are also forgetting that some theories will never be proven or disproven through experimentation, so faith comes into play much more than scienctists want you to believe. Right now the evidence leans towards a supreme power creating the universe and my point was that you can’t just sneeze at that.