Moral dilemma

A buddy of mine was in a Lowes yesterday (a big building supply store). The checkout area was crowded and and a bunch of folks were standing in line. One guy was in there with his (apparently) 13 or 14 year old daughter; they were in line also. The guy apparently told her in a very loud voice “YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU WHINING LITTLE BITCH AND JUST GO FUCKING GET IT”. A middle aged woman in line ahead of him turned and said “Sir that language is inappropriate in this public place, more less when talking to a child.” This guy steps up into her face and says “YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU MEDDLING BITCH” and her husband turned and launched a right to the dudes chin. My buddy said the dude dropped like in the movies, arms outstretched and not moving and the whole front of the store applauded. The husband was ticketed for simple assault and given a court date (not taken away in cuffs or anything). Dual Querys: did husband do the right thing under all the circumstances? and as addressed in an old article - what would t-man do?
Thoughts anyone?

Yes he did the right thing given the circumstances if the man is willing to assult his wife verbally then physically was only a step away he just avoided that step by clocking him. In america the majority rules and the majority clapped ergo it was appropriate. Guys like that that attack women publicly or not desearve whatever they get.

He TOTALLY did the right thing. He did what T-Man would do, in this case. What T-Man would not have done would be to continue beating or kicking the guy after he was down, but he would definately clock the asshole. HOORAY!

Any husband who wouldn’t have confronted the guy needs to get his balls examined. He MIGHT have considered giving the guy a verbal warning first, but it probably wouldn’t have done anything more than get the hubby punched first.

Couldn’t have done it better.

Hell yeah he did the right thing. If that had been my girlfriend, not only would i have dropped him, i would have kicked his teeth down his throat while he was on the ground. I hate “tough guys” who are only “tough” when they’re picking on women/people smaller or weaker than them.

I’d do the same thing, except when I knocked him out I’d get him name and address from his wallet so I could call child protection services, because he’s likely to take out his humiliation on his daughter.

Was he right? Apparently not in the eyes of the law (bleeding heart liberals, “he had it coming” just doesn’t cut it any more). Did he do what every one of us would like to have done in the same situation? You bet (and from the reaction of the others, heartily accepted by the populus in general). But this may be a lesson to all of us. The blow has to be in self defense. That brings up another dilemma: the person who lands the first blow usually wins the fight, but then gets the shaft from the local constabulatory. So you’ve got to force the other guy to go to blows first, then block and land one squarely. My feelings are that if the guy who got decked pursues the matter, presses charges, he is a dickless bastard.

Yes he did do the right thing, people in general should treat others as they would like to be treated themselves, the girls father was out of line talking to a stranger like that, although as regards to his daughter for all we know she was as described and at the end of his teather, but in retrospect he should have chosen his words more carefully or expressed them in private with her, if she was as describe, back to the man who knocked him out, yes he was right to do so, as the asshole comfronted his wife and he stuck up for her, that is what a t-man should do, protect those who need it!!

Okay - first time and probably the last time I should post to personal comments but it is about time! Lord help the man who messes with my family, my friends. In faith, Coach Davies

The guy absolutely deserved an attitude adjustment and there is no question that I wouldn’t let any guy disrespect my wife like that. I might have even let it go if he was addressing me…but if you mess with a man’s bride, you are asking for trouble. I just wish I could have been hovering over the guy when he woke up, so I could say…YOUUUU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!

The man did weel. Hopefully he gets off easy. I agree with the Coach. It would be a bad thing to hurt my kids or my lady.

Good for him. I would have inconspicuously got the hell out of there to avoid the police though. Of course, that would happen after everyone was done praising me.

Your buddy ought to go to court and support the fellow who plastered that asshole.

Did he do the right thing? Legally? No - hence the ticket. Morally? Yes - hence the applause. Verbal and emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse. This moron’s emotional assault on people needed to stopped pronto and in a manner he would remember. He had pretty much advertised to the world that quiet, rational conversation was beyond his grasp.

Were I the store manager, I would ban the moron from the store permanently if I could and give the T-Man at the very least a healthy gift-certificate. And were I one of the applauding bystanders I would offer myself as a witness to T-Man for his court date.

And here’s something to consider (and I’m sure this varies a bit depending on locale so it may not apply here)… ‘Assault’, as I understand the legal term, is the threat of physical violence (e.g. you throw a punch or menace someone with a bat). If you actually make contact, it becomes ‘battery’. So our T-Man appears to have committed battery yet purportedly was only ticketed for simple assault. So did we have sympathetic law enforcement who toned down the charges as much as they could get away with? Hmmm…

Man of course that guy did the right thing. Anyone who talks to a woman much less his own daughter like thatr does NOT even deserve to own a pair.

someone once stated on here that the larger he grew, the more gentle he became. it touched me as i feel the same. i am more passive than i have ever been in regards to violence…BUT, i second what the coach says. i have few buttons to be pushed but mess with my family or close friends, and my passive side gets as pissed as the rest of me. i am no badass, 6’3" 225 lb at about 8%bf, but i cut an imposing figure, and it would 6 guys my size to hold me if someone dare hurt my family, either verbally or, god forbid, physically. dead man walking.

I would have done exactly the same and then attempted to bite his nose off before the police arrived. Like Coach Davies says, God help anyone who messes with my family, and I’m not a particularly violent person! Honest!

No moral dilemma here. The guy could not have handled that situation better. There are times when words with just not do. I’m so happy to see everyone saying that he did the right thing. People are entitled to their opinion but I really glad that I didn’t have to read whining bleeding heart things.

When I was in college and dating a girl I saw a fight over someone bumping into his girlfriend. Later that night I told her that if some drunk ass told her to move or fuck off I most likely wouldn’t go ass kicking. 1. It’s not personal, most of these idiot are drunk and would say this to anyone. 2. People in bars are usually accompanied my mulitiple friends. 3. I’m a lover not a fighter :slight_smile:

Honestly if it were directed at her on the street or in a Lowes there would be a beat down. Like I said before, sometimes words aren’t enough. Whoever made the comment on the wallet and child services, I totally agree.

HELL YES!! but if I was your budy I would brake the law now, I’d go to court and say I saw the guy make a move and I thought he was gonna hit the lady so the husband could claim self defence, yup I know its “wrong” yup I know I could get in trouble for it, yup I no blah blah blah, but I would still testify for him. I’ve been there when no one steps up for the guy that does the right thing and fine you can tell me that what I am doing wrong but I think a greater good would be served. peace

He did the right thing! Looks like the police agreed as mentioned by a previous post by downgrading the charge. I suppose some bleeding heart liberal whiner would expect us to wait until the jerk was actually doing physical damage to someone before we intervene and then defend the jerk in court, explaining away thier actions as a product of their upbringing or poverty blah blah.