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MooseTequila- Old Fat Dude Trying to be Stronger/Healthier


Hi to everyone… I am a refuge from another forum’s over 35 Journals. Even at O-35 some never grew up and too much drama, so here I am.

Quick snapshot about me…. I hit a high of 311 pounds (5’-9") end of 2014, and Jan 3rd 2015 I was at 306 and decided I need to get serious. My dad had recently passed and I did his home hospice. Combine that with the fact I just love to eat, it was a perfect storm. I started with diet and actually moving (eat less move more- who’da thunk?) I started a lifting program (All Pro) in March of 2015, and have done a variety of stuff since. I have recomped but still have a long ways too go. It’s been a slow journey with many injuries and some medical complications, but I am better and healthier than I have been in a very long time.

So weight loss, strength, and to be better looking is my goal. I am not interested in doing power lifting, but I incorporate some of those compound exercises in my current routines. I hope to be a positive for this site, and be warned, I have a twisted sense of humor :smile:


I’m pretty new here myself and came for the same reason as a refugee from another forum full of drama and not enough work. I’m 44, and started seriously changing my then very overweight self in 2009.


This is my first ever weight lifting forum.

I’m over forty and that changed all sorts of things about diet and exercise for me. I’m measuring my pasta with a measuring cup now. And bread? Sigh.


It’s all about baby steps for me, I didn’t blow up over night and I cannot correct over night either… the saying about it being a life style change… so true!! Good luck on your journey!


I took a peak at where ya came from… been there done that :wink:
Keep on keeping on…


So I thought I would show my progress in a couple of photos… my round face to much slimmer face…

And my body shot in this one… I still have lots of fat, the camera was being nice to me at the gym that day. Progress is progress, so it’s all good!