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Moons Over My Hammies


Need some help with some lagging ham-strings. I train legs for 2 hours once a week. My lift usually consists of Squats or front squats, leg press, Stiff deads, curls and extensions. I hit my calves throughout the week. After leg day my quads are sore for like 3-4 days..which is great because i know im torchin em'.

My quads seem to get bigger and bigger every month, little by little. However...my hamstrings seem to be lagging. Not only are they growing slower...they are rarely sore. My gym only has one hamstring specific machine (leg curl) so i do elevated stiff deadlifts @ about 10-12 X 4 sets. Usually ending around 315lbs.

Any ideas? Any other hamstring specific movements i should be doing or dont know about? Lunges? Wide feet placement on deads or squats?


I've made some good progress lately with the following in mind...

-Start with Hams before Quads
-Hams respond well to heavy weights and lower reps
-doing the 'stretch' movement 1st (stiff deads) will help with the 'curling' motions
-Try GHR if you can, works the hams in a whole different manner (I do mine facing away on a lat pulldown machine!)

Walking lunges can be done at the end of a leg session, kind of a nice way to tie everything together :slight_smile:



Good shit man. Thank you. I will def try starting with the romanian deads. Sorry for not being down with the lingo, but, what is GHR?


GHR = Glute Ham Raise


They're hard as shit, but they are probably THE best hamstring exercice, as far as isolation goes. I get massive cramps and soreness in my hamstrings after these.


GHR's look awesome. Cant wait to try them. im sure i can find somthing or someone to hold my feet down. Kinda remind me of doing a lying leg curl, but using body weight...SICK!


Mighty Stu, you mentioned doing the GHR facing away on a lat pulldown machine. Could you please describe how to set that movement up more in detail? My gym also has no GHR machine but I have always wanted to do some.


Lanye is one strong mofo...


try going really slow on rom deads and get a really good stretch in your hammies. on the eccentric portion, focus on coming up with your hams, not your lower back. dont come up so far that your torso is parallel with your legs; instead come up enough so that your leaning forward just a little bit so that a some stress is still on your hams at the top of the movement.

once i slowed down on rom deads and really took time to focus on my hams throughtout the exercise they picked up a bit.


great advice man. thanks. Legs look great bro, keep it up.


You go to denny's too?

Moonies over my Hammies is a good choice


moons over my hammies @ Dennys is the latenite shiznit


Personally, my hamstrings respond better to higher reps and lighter weight. I usually don't go above 135 on RDLs and I always get a real deep stretch.

Also, if you imagine you're fucking the bar on the way up it really works your glutes.

Annnyyywayyys... I'm also a fan of static holds on leg curls.




For anyone who cares. I did a little strength training circuit today. High rack pin deads, Farmer walks and some random kettle ball shit. I ended with GHR's.

I put a bench in front of the lat-pulldown machine and did 4 sets x 10. I could get pretty low with out assistance but definitley needed a little push to get back up. My hams are fried, these things worked great. Thank you all for the advice!


If you can grab a broomstick, hold it ONLY with one hand (so you don't lift yourself with your arm strength). You can get the extra little 'oomph' at the bottom to reverse the movement.



sick. I dont think i can find a broomstick at the gym but they have those foam covered bars in the womens center that weigh anywhere from 2-15 pounds. I bet somthing like that would work. Goodlooks man.


do RDLs on a box or bench or wutever and touch ur feet with the bar. its hard to get much more of a stretch in the hams then that. but if u cant do this with good form then dont worry about it, then its just dangerous.

also remember as rule of wrist that RDL's respond better to high reps and ham curls to low reps. thats poliquin's advice, not mine.


Good mornings. Good mornings good mornings good mornings.

Do 'em safely, bend your legs a bit, start out light but work up to heavy weights and you'll be like HOLY SHIT I HAVE ME SOME HAMS one day when you're passing by the mirror.

I know nobody likes them but outside of the squat and stiff leg deads this'll do more for your hams and your legs overall than almost any exercise.


Similar idea to the boxes, but when i do RDLs I never load the bar with anything bigger than 25 lb plates, lets you get an extra couple inches of movement and stretch.