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Moonbeam Signs Dream Act


Attention California:

Please break off from the US and float away as an isolated island somewhere near Micronesia. No offense intended to the 50 or so people who live there that haven't lost their mind.

At least there's tons of money to fund this.


This really pisses me off. How are you going to give money to criminals to go to college? A bunch of bullshit if you ask me. I'm perfectly fine with somebody coming to America and becoming a citizen through the naturalization process set up by the gov't. But if you come here illegally, well looks like we'll be meeting at the Mexican border.



You'll give money either way.
to have them "apply to state-funded scholarship"
to put them in jail
to arrest them and send them back to Mexico
to prevent them to come in the US illegally in the first place

not sure which one would be less expensive.

maybe you should think about making Mexico pay for this mess.


They already get free grant money anyways. Think scholarships and such but when I was in College here in Texas I knew many illegal kids who got grant money to attend college. It paid for everything and they had some money left over for spending money, granted it was a local community college.
I.E. my parents next door neighbors are all illegal along with there 8 kids two are going to Texas University on a full ride. One is going to a local community college pretty much for free. Yet my younger brother is paying for his school because he is an American Citizen who's parents make too much.
It pretty pathetic and to emphasize this I learned that La Raza teaches the kids and parents how too get around the application process, by lying. Along with LULAC.


It seems insane, right?
Texas Governor Perry claims it is less expensive to allow them in-state tuition, rather than get them on the public dole in other ways. And then they can get a job (maybe) and be contributing members of society. Also, they should have to prove that they are seeking citizen in legal ways. Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but perhaps it's the lesser of all evils.


The Master Plan for the state of California was adopted in 1960 as part of the constitutionally directed educational mandate. For example, the law states that the top one-eighth of California high school graduates are eligible for admission to the various campuses of the University of California.
Note: high-school graduates. Not "citizens" or "residents."
It is presumed that high-school graduates--and their families--have been resident for some period of time, and paying taxes (sales taxes, taxes through rent or home-ownership, etc.). If they and their families have been taxed, how can they be denied the benefits allowed by law?
Of course, no law prevents illegal aliens in the UC system from prosecution--and that is where the problem will lie. Will admissions officers be charged with the task of recording citizenship and reporting aliens to the Feds? Doubtful...


Why in the french fried fuck are we still referring to them as illegal immigrants? They are illegal aliens.


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No one needs college to enter the work force.

College is the biggest scam ever designed to impoverish young people while giving the illusion of enriching them.


uh...the word "illegal" seems to have no meaning.

Ok, I understand the sentiment a college educated illegal is less expensive to the state than an incarcerated/ welfare illegal, it does not address the problem in the first place. Illegals do not pay INCOME tax, they are ILLEGAL, and thus the benefits they receive are far greater than what they pay out. Not only that, but they are then a favored group over normal working middle class citizens. Dont give them ANY benefits whatsoever...


The referendum is in full effect, go to www.stopab131.com

Governor Moonbeam is at risk of being recalled over this, he has actually put illegal aliens AHEAD of taxpaying citizens.

Side note - the bill was signed on an early Saturday morning, with no press coverage, which goes to show you how bad it must be when you have to hide when signing a bill.


Another bill signed by Moonbean, is to up the child seat requirement to the age of 8.

Yes, your child MUST be secured to a child car seat UNTIL THE AGE OF 8, yes FUCKING 8 FUCKING YEARS OLD !!!


I think biggest scam ever is a bit of a stretch don't you think. In 3.5 years of college I doubled my pre-college income. My wife went from $8 bucks an hour to over 60K a year. We are debt free. I'm pretty sure college is a great opportunity maker. It's just not for everyone and not every major is equally valuable.


The piece of paper is necessary to compete with other people who also have that same piece of paper but that piece of paper was not necessary in the first place.

College is the biggest waste of time for 99.9% of the people who end up going. And, in fact, I would say it needs to go back to the old days where higher education was only for the best and brightest people who would have a career in academia.

American college is a joke and basically nothing more than an optional yet glorified high school.

Let me reiterate: BIGGEST. SCAM. EVER!

You don't learn in a class room. You learn from doing.


I would say you learn the majority by doing, but learning in a classroom still occurs. I am an accountant and I could have learned how to cross the t's and dot the i's doing it for a company, but understanding they why behind it takes a class room. I would also only learn a small portion of the bigger accounting picture working for a given company. If I started in tax I'd be stuck in tax because no company is going to retrain me with no basic understanding of say audit. Having gone to college I do have a basic understanding of audit and other accounting topics so I have greater career options. That is what college is. An option creator.

I mean re-read what you wrote..."only for the best and brightest people who would have a career in academia." So only the brightest should get an advanced education to in turn teach the next batch of the brightest? That to me is a scam and I don't think that makes sense in today's world at all.

Do people that should never go to college go to college? Yes
Are many of the majors bs? Yes
Is a good portion of college a waste of time? Yes
Could most 4 year programs be cut to 1-2 years? Yes

I will still contest that at least some of higher education is useful.


Moonbeam also signed the Anti E-Verify Bill.


More or less irrelevant.

The whole US government runs on utilitarianism now, it really makes no sense to bring justice or fairness into this.


Over 1 million calls and emails wanting this overturned, in only 2 days. We need 504,000 signatures to qualify for a referendum, get the word out people.

go to...



thats not completely true, there are many learning styles, some learn from reading, some learn from seeing and the rest learn from doing. You can take tests to see how you best learn, ima doer, which is why all my degrees are "blank" technology because i am a hands on learner...

I think college is a scam in that almost all colleges increase tuition 8-12% every year and increase "staff" 650% in the past 10 years while faculty (the ones I am there to learn from) have only increased 5% in 10 years.... kinda messed up but lets you realize why the costs keep going up.


Once someone learns to read they can then learn to think and then they can learn whatever they want for free via the interwebz.

Education is a life long process whereas college is just seen by most as an endpoint necessary only to prove to potential employers that they can jump through hoops and follow instructions.

Some of the most successful people in the world never went to college or once they were there decided to quit and get a jump on their peers actually creating stuff. Steve Jobs, may he RIP, for example.