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Moon People Terrorize Boston



I'm not sure whether to laugh at the fact that everyone in Boston got scared of LiteBrite pictures, or to be upset that an ad campaign could instill so much fear of terrorism in the US.


A little from column A, a little from column B.


As a Bostonian that was stuck in this mess I'll tell you what pisses me off was that these things where here for 2 weeks before someone noticed them. If it had been a real attack we would have been dead.

Also on a side note I love how the media spins stuff they're called "packages" they where light brites nothing was hidden. I swear people are stupid


That's dumb as all hell. People were afraid of Aqua Teen Hunger Force? That show may be the most drug induced hilarious show on tv.


I laughed.


They thought those were bombs? LOL

I can't believe the reporters didn't get a clue. They weren't going to answer any questions...


I don't know guys, those moonite guys are pretty creepy looking. It's no wonder those poor Bostonians feared for their lives. I'm just surprised it wasn't Atlanta that got freaked, all the dumb people live down south, right?


No other city complained or panicked like those Baston people.....




Carl: "Meat-man... ever since my son was... never born, because I've never had consensual sex without money involved... I've always kind of looked at you as... a thing, that I could live next to... in accordance with state laws. "

Shake: "You know, the Drizzle...when he was, uh...as a kid, he was bitten by a thirsty worm in a science lab accident, eh, radioactive stuff. ...I don't know how it happened, but I swear from the day on, he was able to manipulate the rain, and THAT is FRESH."

Frylock: "Rain?"

Shake: "Yeah! For justice! ...You know, when the villains try to do stuff, he's like, you know, like a rain out...rain it out! Justice "rains" supreme!"

Frylock: "Yeah...that's deep Shake."

Shake: "Yeah, see then they gotta pick another day to do the crime and, he'd rain it out again! He's--so he's a step ahead. Finally, they can't schedule their deeds of, uh, you know, misdoing. They just get tired."

Frylock: "Wow, you know, that's really, amazingly lame."

Shake: "Yeah...it sounded cooler last week. ...WHOA! I heard he has LASER feet! That's COOL, right? I ask ya!"

Frylock: "Well, you know, you would think that if he got bit by a radioactive worm, he would have some sort of burrowing powers or something like that, right?"

Shake: "Well he--he could do that too, I mean, you know, none of it's written in stone. I mean he's, you know, he's BAD! To the BONE! His LASER bones!"

Frylock: "Yeah, well, thanks for the Drizzle Phone. I'll be sure to contact him if we ever need to dig a hole in the yard or anything like that."

Shake: "Okay, I'll be in the crawlspace if you need him."

Shake: "You can expect a forecast of VENGEANCE in the very near future."


Yeah, I don't understand how someone thought these bright, attention grabbing lights placed in plain sight could be dangerous secret weapons placed by subversive terrorists. And the fact that they were there for several weeks before anything happened just adds to my confusion.

I found it interesting that the people of New York City didn't find these displays at all threatening. You'd think if any city on that list would be upset, they would. However, nobody cared.

Oh, and for my fellow ATHF fans, the movie comes out in March. Here's the trailer:




Ignignokt: Our god is a god of vengeance. A god of hate.
Err: A god of action!
Ignignokt: Our god is an Indian who can turn into a wolf and-
Err: Dude, that's Wolfen.
Ignignokt: Yes, well Wolfen will come after you, with his razor.


That's awesome


Those guys have some balls. It's very refreshing to see not everyone has turned into a fucking government puppet. I personally usually sport the buzz cut but I'm going to grow it out a little and probably try the fade or a variation of it.



this dude has way too much pent up anger.


Step 1: Place lite-brite ads in 10 different cities, causing one city to shiat their collective pants.
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Profit

Honestly, I fail to see what the big freakin' deal is. People need to chill the fuk out.

If everyone smoked a bowl, and watched ATHF, the world would be a much better place.


Boston has a heightened sense of awareness and a lessened sense of humor ever since the 9/11 terrorists flew out of Logan.


See excellent continuing coverage at boingboing.net. My favorites so far, a sticker for future guerilla advertising projects (seen here), the immediately made "ATHF is the bomb" shirt, and an excellent selection of realistic reaction to the overreaction.


Another fun image.


And finally...