Moomiyo/Russian Black Anabolic

does anybody about this product? Mabe the resident scientist or any one else can tell
me more. has anyone used the stuff anf what were the the results? the research i’ve done
is that it’s a very good adaptongenic and requires cycling and that overall improvement
physically. lifespan can be increased by 5-10%

Hmmm, very interesting herb. Seems to be similar to Shilajit which I’ve been wanting to try.

Nobody has any info?

It’s not new: Hatfield was advocating it back in the early 90s, along with ginseng and that sort of thing.

I don’t know whether its going nowhere had to do with supply problems or not working well enough in practice to generate repeat sales.

I question that it really has been demostrated to increase lifespan 5-10%.

Related to that, there’s a radio ad for a resveratrol product that actually claims that it will increase your lifespan by either 10% or 10 years (I forget which.) I’m expecting to learn of a cease and desist and fine from the FTC any day now.

I took some moomiyo back in the day (in one of the advocare products). I can’t really say what if anything it did, but like Bill said it was popular in the 90s. Haven’t heard much about it in years. It would be interesting to hear if it is in any way different than the adaptogenic effects of rhodiola, ginseng, ashwaganhda, cordyceps, other medicinal mushrooms, etc, etc.

FYI [quote]Shilajit-A Brief History: Little was known about this high mountain herb/mineral compound until the early 1990’s when Russian scientists brought it to the western world. Russian Black Anabolic or mumie (pronounced Moomiyo) is a potent adaptagenic herbal complex. It has been used by the Russian military and sports establishment for nearly four decades supposedly for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as for its recuperative powers. In studies conducted at various universities in Russia, Moomiyo was found to improve workload (weight x repetition) by as much as 15-27% and improve recovery time. The people of the Tajikistan area of Russia routinely use Moomiyo in their foods. Their life spans are above the world average. Russian scientists can only attribute this to their daily consumption of Moomiyo.

Their life spans are 10 -15 years above the world average. It is a remarkable and very rare Himalayan herbal and mineral complex with fantastic stimulating effects on the body growth. Health organizations aren’t the only groups interested in Moomiyo. In Russia and many of the former USSR republics, Moomiyo is considered a strategic material and is used extensively as a performance enhancer within the Special Forces (Spetnaz, and other elite fighting groups). Moomiyo plays one of the leading roles in the restoration programs of the national and Olympic-level athletes. In the last three decades Moomiyo also found its niche in the National Bureau of Cosmonauts for its impeccable reputation as an agent that facilitates strong immune system, sound health and fast recovery to the astronauts during and after long space journeys.To locate the origins of Moomiyo, one would have to go back at least 2500 years to the time of the ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle. He proposed and accurately described the first procedures for the use of Moomiyo and its preparation in grape juice, honey and milk.

Glorious emperors of the past like Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, Chinghiz Khan added Moomiyo to the ration of their Generals, personal guard and special units. Compound was always a mystery. A mystery that yielded unprecedented results praised and honored by the Emperors, Sultans and Kings at all times. Only the richest of the nobles could afford it. The most recent survey of the practical applications of Moomiyo comes from Moscow through the efforts of Dr’s A.A. Altamyshev and B.K. Kortshubelkov and supported by the Russian Committee of Cosmonautics. To date, several hundreds of research investigations have been conducted on Moomiyo. It has a strong ability to stimulate the body’s immune system. Moomiyo helps white blood cells called macrophages work better and faster. The macrophages job is to destroy and digest foreign material. This means that when strengthened with Moomiyo, white blood cells can ingest more bacteria, microbes and other alien cells. Scientists also discovered that Moomiyo increases the production of Interleukin (IL-1), a protein that is released by the macrophages.

Interleukin has important immune enhancing properties. IL-1 alerts the resting white blood cells when necessitated by the threats to the organism and spurs them into action. An important effect is the increase in the number of T-cells, the soldiers of the immune system. In sport, Moomiyo is prized for its significant tonic and growth-promoting effect on both physical and mental processes. A budget of almost 6.5 million dollars was allocated by the Soviet government to the USSR National Sport Committee for research and application of Moomiyo in sports during the preparation of athletes for the 1988 Olympic Games in Moscow. Brief analysis of the region where Moomiyo is coming from is astonishing. Thousands of diverse plant species and herbs are found in isolate areas of Central Asia that. The region is home to over 6500 different plants, over half of which are not found anywhere else on Earth. It is this great variety of highly bio active material, combined with the region’s climatic conditions (temperature, light and moisture), that contributes to the development of Moomiyo. The general character of this region facilitated the formation of specific plant forms enriched in oils, alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, chlorophyll, carotenes, flavonoids, etc., each serving as a valuable raw material for many modern pharmaceutical and food industries. This diversity of plant materials causes a unique variety of wild animals in the region, which differ from animals of other parts of the world by a richer content of micro-elements and biologically active compounds in their organs and muscles. Coming back to its origination highly in the mountains, Moomiyo has been referred to as “mountain tear”, “mountain blood”, and “balsam of rock”.

It is the digest of many floras at the crest of the mountains under very special conditions that produces the Moomiyo extract. It is very rare as it can be accumulated only twice a year. To collect just a small portion of pure Moomiyo one would have to contribute many months of hard work to the process. But of course, the result will justify this investment. The effects include activation of the growth processes on the cell-molecular level in all organs and body systems (Blood, liver, myocardium, skeletal muscles, lymphatic system, central and peripheral nervous systems, skin and hair, and gastrointestinal tract). What’s the best way to use Moomiyo to yield maximum results in sports? The result will be a fast and easy recovery, a more efficient adaptation to training and of course muscle gain .Mainly because of its growth-promoting, and stimulating effects, Moomiyo has become popular among Russian and East European athletes .According to Russian elite athletes, coaches and sport scientists, the use of Moomiyo has been shown to increase training loads (volume and weight) within both micro and macro-cycles by 16-29 percent! This is a significant improvement at any level of sport. Furthermore, Moomiyo considerably facilitates the complete long-term overnight recovery as documented by the morning biochemical and hormonal blood and urine tests .Additional short cycles of Moomiyo are also highly beneficial under the circumstances of over-training, and physical and emotional stress. But this is not all, as there is one more aspect to the benefits of Moomiyo usage in sports, which relates to its adaptogenic features. It can be effective at preventing age-related hormone-dependent disorders and correspondingly should have been considered as a nutrient for noncompetitive athletes over the age of thirty who still participate in fitness programs. High content of bio active instances appears to be responsible for Moomiyo’s outstanding anti-inflammatory and healing effects. It is very beneficial at reducing joint soreness of the knees, shoulders and elbow of weight lifters. In summary, Moomiyo plays an important growth-promoting and restorative role in the preparation of the elite athletes, bodybuilders, power lifters and other sportsmen. We have only recently become aware of the tremendous powers of Moomiyo since its presentation after the collapse of the Soviet Union.,-shilajit,-moomiyo,-mumie,/Detail.bok [/quote]

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
Related to that, there’s a radio ad for a resveratrol product that actually claims that it will increase your lifespan by either 10% or 10 years (I forget which.) I’m expecting to learn of a cease and desist and fine from the FTC any day now.[/quote]

Isn’t resveratrol a relatively new ‘discovery’?

I don’t see how credible lifespan studies could have been done on it yet if it is as ‘new’ as I think.

^ Factors associated with cardiac mortality in developed countries with particular reference to the consumption of wine - may 12, 1979 Factors associated with cardiac mortality in developed countries with particular reference to the consumption of wine - PubMed

You’re right. Any claim of resveratrol supposedly extending human lifespan could only be based on projections from mouse and/or rat studies (I think mouse), but this would be unwarranted.

I think there’s very good basis for expecting health benefit and quite possibly greater quality of life in later years if having used it regularly for a long period of time, but even that is simply guesswork. Actually claiming to extend human life is going too far.

The same (being unwarranted) would be true for lifespan increase claims for Moomiyo. The text cited above appears to base the claims of lifespan of those in the Tajikistan region. First, I doubt that all of them, or a high percentage of them, consume Moomiyo. Second, even if they did, that would not prove Moomiyo to be the cause. It would be interesting evidence if those in the Tajikistan region who consumed Moomiyo lived 10-15 years longer than those who did not, but I’ll bet they don’t have that data (it also wouldn’t prove the matter but at least would be starting to give reason to take the idea as a serious possibility.)

As for the performance claims, I really don’t know. It’s very difficult for example to establish a claim such as increasing optimal (that would be the only useful parameter) workload by 15-20% even if true.

On the other hand, the claim of increasing weightxreps, if meaning for a single given set, by 15-27% is very easy to establish as being true or false.

Buy the product, and if formerly you could do a given exercise for say 100 lb for so many reps, if with the product you can now do the same number of reps with 15% or more weight simply from having taken the product, there you have it.

Or if you can do 15% more reps with the same weight, ditto.

Frankly I’d be happy with a smaller increase than that.

I don’t expect that will happen, but it’s something anyone can try.

My guess is that the argument would be that they did not mean it that way, they meant that the total workload of the entire workout could be programmed as 15-27% more, but the thing is, it is hard to establish that the workload couldn’t just as well have been programmed that much higher WITHOUT the substance.

iceman - Can’t edit cause it hasn’t posted yet, but I see your point now. FWIW - I think they base life span studies on mice and how a substance affects a certain gene. Aside from those type of studies, you’re probably right that they haven’t had enough time to do a well planned study using humans and following them over their entire lives. But this type of study is extremely rare anyways.

The French Paradox (a sort of correlational study in and of itself) is why resveratrol has become a well known substance… The results were already there and so they sought out which compound they thought it was and eventually discovered rez-V!!!

**edit: ^what he said^

To add a little bit:

While I don’t have any expectation that their claimed figures were established this way, here’s a thought for someone wanting to try the product and who is interested in being somewhat scientific in seeing if one of the relevant claims is accurate:

If someone has no expectation of being able to do 15% more reps with a given weight, or being able to use 15% more weight for the same reps, but hopes to be able to do overall do 15% more work thanks to the product, then perhaps a fair test would be a Staley EDT-type protocol or a Thibaudeau Beast type protocol.

For the first, basically it would be how many total reps can be accomplished in 15 minutes for each of two exercises supersetted with each other, each starting with a weight that can be done for 10 reps but is never done for more than 5 reps in the workout. You take as little rest between exercises that seems best to get you your best total reps. You don’t push each set to near-nervous-failure of course because if you did that would ruin your total rep results.

I would also think this could be done with just one exercise. I don’t know if Staley insists on there being two exercises. I never have done it with two, actually.

For the second, you try to get as many triples as you can in a 10 minute time period with (I am perhaps putting my own spin on it here) the heaviest weight you could get 5 reps with when fresh. I don’t know if Thibaudeau ever said that: he probably gave a percent 1RM figure but I don’t recall it. If so, it probably would have been 85% or maybe 88%.

If your total reps goes up 15%, drops back when you don’t take the product, goes back up again when you take it, and drops back down again when you don’t then the claim is verified in your case.

Or less formally, one can see how reps drop off IF one tends to do protocols of doing several sets each for maximum reps possible. If there is substantially less drop off – in other words, better ability to maintain reps or nearly maintain them – then there you have it. Of course one needs to be precise in maintaining same rest periods if doing this.

I have a twin, we’re not identical, so I’ll start taking and won’t let him have any, then we’ll see who dies first. That will settle this matter once and for all.

If I can remember to next week, I’ll employ remote viewing to determine which of you dies first. That way we won’t have to wait decades for the answer.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
If I can remember to next week, I’ll employ remote viewing to determine which of you dies first. That way we won’t have to wait decades for the answer.[/quote]


I suppose I’ll add that I eat nutritious food, exercise regularly and supplement accordingly, while he eats fast food and does beer curls, but I wouldn’t want to skew the results with facts, so you can just forget that I said this.

btw, I’m a scientist thats works for the gov’t too.

jk about the scientist part.


What kind of herbs do you use on a regular basis?

Me personally?

Presently I just use Rhodiola, though if curcumin counts as an herb, then that as well.

I don’t know if any ingredient in Superfood counts as an herb: I think not though. They’re certainly sources of phytonutrients.

If I weren’t presently economizing I’d also use holy basil extract and the LEF Cognitex and Super Prostate formulas, which have various herbs in them, such as bacopa in the first case. Not that I really notice anything from the first two, but I think they are reasonably good ideas.

OK, was just wondering if you were using anything cutting edge :slight_smile: