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Moody and Irritable


Hey guys i've been on a low-carb(<50-60g) diet with a refeed every 2 weeks (every 2 saturdays i'll refeed with 1 huge carb meal ~100+g of carbs). but a few days ago i've been fuckin fuckinG moody. you know irritable at this, irritable at that, obsessed with this, obsessed with that. Normal? I was thinking maybe i'll make my refeed more frequent(every week). My bf is around 17-18%, dropped about 2% in 3 weeks


oh yeah and i really feel like shit. actually more like shit trampled on the ground by another shit


come one guys i just gotta know if this normal, after all i'm a beginner :slight_smile:


I would say that is common. I would also say to not expect many replies between 2am and 6am on a Friday night.


Post a days worth of eating


Oh haha sorry it was afternoon here.


a days worth of eating...

breakfast -> protein shake ~50g protein ~4g carbs ~1 gram fat
snack -> about 12oz chicken + broccoli ~40g protein ~few grams of carbs ~15g fat(i eat all skin)
snack -> some nuggets ~20g protein ~5g crabs 10-20g fat?
lunch -> same as snack ~40g protein ~few grams of carbs ~15g fat
snack -> protein shake ~50g protein ~4g carbs ~1 gram fat
dinner-> 8oz of chicken/pork/beef + vegetables (depends) averaging 30-50g of protein, 10g carbs , unknown fats

i hope i calculated it properly so it goes like this.. 250g protein 20-40g carbs, 30-60g of fats


It's called puberty Junior.


wait you serious?(damn it feels like fuck)


wait are you serious?(damn it! how long will this shit last)


Until you're sixty-five and ready to retire, at which point you'll be too old to enjoy retirement anyways.


Lol @ artw!

Your eating 1700 cals which is low but by no means out of control.

Ho much do you weigh?
What supps are you taking?
What blood type are you?

I hope your not doing heaps of cardio on this diet as that will make you feel like shit in no time. Most people on low carb diets feel like shit cause they :

A) Do a ridiculous amount of cardio leading to increased cortisol in an already stressed state of dieting which will make you feel like shit


B) They don't eat enough good fat, which will make you feel like shit. (i suspect this is you from the 60g of fat)

But then they blame it on the low carbs...

Without hearing your answers i'd bump up your good fat and re feed once every 5 to 7 days.


I went on a 900 calorie near-zero carb diet and I was quite irritable, even after the diet was completed. It's been 8 years and I'm still irritable.


Is this normal for an average individual?... No

Is this expected from a low carb diet ?.. Yes

You said you went on a 900 calorie near zero carb diet about 8 yrs ago and your body fat is currently 18% ?... What happened?


angus, once again you're confused, but I expected that from someone that thinks a woman's milk production stops after pregnancy, or as you said:

"I think if we mammals were meant to drink milk throughout our lives, evolution would allow woman to produce milk beyond pregnancy."

Just to clear things up for you, I went on the 900 calorie near zero carb diet ~8 years ago. Trying is the person with 18% body fat. Pregnancy is the period in the baby is INSIDE the mother. Pregnancy ends at the birth of the baby. New mothers can produce milk after pregnancy. The milk is for the baby. There's no point in producing milk at all if it stops when the baby is born....outside of those with a fetish for that. Milk production can continue for years, or until the baby is weened.


I'm assuming your goal is losing body fat? Would help to see what kind of physical activity you're doing along with this kind of diet.

Off the top of my head, you're basing your entire diet on eating as many grams of protein as possible while eating as few grams of carbs as possible, with no actual consideration for having a healthy diet. Protein from chicken nuggets is shit, what's there is low quality protein mixed with who knows what. That sure as hell shouldn't comprise two of your daily meals. You need to get your protein from QUALITY whole food sources when possible, so your first snack and dinner are at least starting off okay. But vary your protein when you can, eggs for example are dirt cheap and are an excellent source of quality protein.

Secondly, you need to increase the amount of vegetables you're eating, focusing mainly on leafy green and fibrous veggies. This is stuff like spinach, the broccoli you're eating already, kale, chard, etc. These vegetables will provide you with loads of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants that you absolutely need on this kind of a restricted diet. They're also extremely nutrient dense, so you can eat a shitload of them and they're not going to mess with your blood sugar at all, which is what you're trying to control. The fibrous types of vegetables will also contain a good deal of fiber, which will slow and enhance digestion and a properly functioning GI tract. Aside from veggies, you need to incorporate some fruits as well. These can be a little trickier, so it's important to get the most bang for your buck here, tomatoes, blue/black berries, raspberries, and it's late so I'm forgetting other good choices. But the thing to remember with fruits is that they're going to fluctuate your blood sugar a bit, so be careful not to eat them with too many fats. They're also best first thing in the morning to bring yourself out of your overnight fast and get some good nutrients without worrying so much about those evil carbs.

Lastly you need to be getting a lot of healthy fats. This means a good balance of saturated and unsaturated, both poly-unsats and mono-unsats, as well as your essential fatty acids. By keeping a good balance of fats in your system your body is much happier to oxidize fat stores for energy. Same thing here, get a good variety of these fats, saturates are easy as they're going to be in most of the meats you eat, also in other forms, coconut oil is a very healthy saturated fat. Poly and mono unsats will come from a lot of different sources as well, olive oil, flax oil, a lot of nuts/seeds, and if you can swing it these can be supplemented also, Biotest makes two great fatty acid supps.

The main thing you need to focus on here is getting the most possible nutrition you can while keeping your calories low enough to support your goals. And honestly if you're exercising in the way you should be you're going to need to keep your calories high enough to support all the processes that are going to be happening to keep your turnover rate so high. Worry more about quality calories than the exact number you're getting. It's not going to matter if you lose 30 pounds if you're destroying your body to do it.

Keep your research up too, literally hundreds of articles/threads on this site alone to help you out, just keep an open mind and be patient. Lift Strong Bro!!


lol...once again it's leaftye...i concede, i did get the names mixed up, but my point about pregnancy stands ! .. Perhaps i should have elaborated but i figured everyone got the point. "way beyond pregnancy"...I don't see any women with 20 yr old children producing milk to feed them. SO... we were not meant to drink milk through out our lives...end hi jack.


To: stockzy

actually i'm not doing any cardio, just some walking home from school. i think you are right about the fats, i'll think of a way to get them up. EVOO shots maybe? :smiley:
i weigh 180pounds,supplementing currently with just protein powder.


oh damn i put it wrongly-> the snack below nuggets is actually the same as the snack above nuggets = 12oz chicken. but still your point is valid, chicken nuggets = mixed up shit. well i think you guys are right about my fat intake, it IS kinda low. i'll keep that in mind(EVOO shots coming :D)

i'm doing 5/3/1 JW's strength programme and have seen quite good results. can i assume if i'm getting stronger on a cut it probably means less muscle catabolism?

okay thanks for your help


EVOO, avocado, some nuts and Mega dose fish oil. If your 17% have 17 grams of fish oil a day and see how you respond. At 180 pounds i'd be aiming for around 360g of protein and consuming your carbs pre and post workout only. Drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. That should be a start :slight_smile:


I'm a really big fan of avocados. 13g fiber, a bunch of monounsaturated fatty acids (per average 201g avocado..)

I think you might be overestimating your caloric intake, which, by your estimates, is already pretty low. I, also, think you should eat more fat.