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mood swings

Hey, I dunno if anyone else experiences these bouts like i do, but every six or seven weeks it is inevitable: i fall into a huge funk and for a week i don’t eat anything and what i do eat is junk, i either don’t train or i train half assed just to assuage my feelings of laziness and worthlessness. My already weak self image takes a huge beating and these off weeks set me back in anyway possible. i don’t want to call it overtraining because that is as over prescribed as ritalin, but i don’t want to think i may have some psychological issue. i am in college and under heavy stress most of the time, any advice or referrals would be appreciated.
floundering t man

Check out HST (there will be articles here on Hypertrophy-Specific training - follow the links to Bryan Haycock’s site)

The bonus of HST is that every 8 weeks you take a week off - on purpose. Read up his articles.