Mood Swings while on Cycle

So whenever my testosterone hits a peak, I can feel that shit. I like a raging fucking bull that is ready to lift every weight and fuck every hole on my pregnant girlfriend, unfortunately she’s pregnant so I can destroy that shit like I’d like to because I’d probably kill her.
Now the actual topic of this forum, my question is how are everyone’s mood swings? I get fucking raging mad and then sometimes get sad too. Yes I’m taking estrogen blockers.
Please comment and let me know how your past cycles are and what you guys think. And for you smart asses who say “oh do your research” this is my research. Probably the best site I’ve found yet.

How many mgs of steroids are you doing, and which ones?
If you are prone to violence then taking any drug that magnifies these feelings is going to be detrimental to you and your family.

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Right off the bat something caught my eye, you said your taking “estrogen blockers.”

I realize every one tends to lable AIs as blockers. Just for clarification, SERMs are the actual “blockers” and they do NOTHING to lower estrogen. They simply attach to certain receptors in place of estrogen. Receptors like in the tissue under your nipples. The way they work in regards to gyno is they attach more strongly than estrogen so the estrogen can not attach. Or if the estrogen is there already I think they push it out and fill in. Those blockers or SERMs are Nolvadex and clomid. Those are the main two. If you are using one of those (check generic names and pharmaceutical names to verify) then you are NOT controlling your overall estrogen level.

The only way to keep estrogen from rising on a testosterone cycle is the use of an AI (Aromatase Inhibitor). Those attach to the aromatase enzyme so that the enzyme can not break down the testosterone into estrogen. The main three AIs are arimidex, aromasin, and femara.

Now your description of mood swings sounds like estrogen. If you are using an AI that does not automatically mean your estrogen is in check, you might require a higher steady dosage.

The other way your swings make sense (provided the estrogen is low) is if your testosterone levels are not steady. Are you using a long ester testosterone with steady dosage amount and frequency?

The only time I am “moody” on cycle is the beginning when the levels are rising. Once I am a few weeks in and that release rate is stable then I am my good old easygoing self (outside the gym). I am even easygoing on 400mgs a week of Tren! (Once it’s stable)

The most recent Tren run I knew I was edgy and once I had that “pop” moment I simply removed myself from the trigger, calmed down and centered myself then that was it for the cycle. Everything else after that I was calm and cool. (my trigger is a 15 year old kid who does dumb stuff ALL the time so I had plenty to set me off after that.)

All that being said you just might be one of those guys that get moody on any AAS cycle no matter what. I would suggest finding a way other than the gym to get it out. The gym of course the main outlet but you need something for emotional release.

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I’m taking arimidex liquid 1mg every other day now, and I’ve just recently bumped up to 900mg a week. I noticed at 600 I wasn’t getting the results I wanted so I bumped it up.

Provided the arimidex is 1mg a ml then at 600 mgs a week of test sounds like you were crashing your estrogen. Some people get moody without estrogen, most do. With you saying you were not getting your desired results, you need estrogen to gain muscle so…

Try .5 mgs EOD, for 600 a week, that’s about where I would need to be.