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Mood/Libido with Zinc and Vitamin D?

  1. How can i know if i really need Vitamine D if my mood doesnt change taking it or not taking it ? I live in canada, winter is here, but i dont see any difference using vit D or not. Anyone else ?

  2. Is zinc for anybody too ? i feel that i have less libido while using zinc ? is it just me or ?

  1. You need a blood test
  2. Zinc is not going to reduce your libido. At worst, it won’t increase it.
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As said you need to take a blood test. I have similiar symptoms got a blood test nd have low testosterone. Vitamin d and zinc are known for increasing testosterone levels naturally.

I notice both symptoms you describe when I STOP vit D and zinc. If you’re in Canada, you should be taking vitamin D. But as far as your symptoms go, I’d get blood work done.

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What’s the rest of your diet like?

Vitamin D is fat soluble, so you need to take it with some kind of fat or meal to get the most out of it. And low fats in general mess up my moods.

I take zinc with magnesium (ZMA) they’re supposed to work better together. I agree with garagerocker, it’s not that I feel 100% tremendous with vitamin D and ZMA. I just start to feel worse without them.

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You guys using omega too ?

ZMA gives me much better quality sleep when I’m on it and if I stop I notice a massive difference. One of the only supplements I notice working.

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