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Mood and Working Out


when i dont workout for like 2 days or more im in a lot worse mood for some reason. does anyone else have this problem???


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Exercise produces endorphins in your blood which are responsible for elation. I read that somewhere, but I could be talking out my ass?


I feel the same way. Even though I lift only 3x/ week, I do some sort of active recovery or GPP work on my off days, partially because of this.


Yep. It releases endorphins, they make you feel good, are painkillers, and as I read, addictive :smiley: btw, the longer (years) you work out, the better you'll feel each time. I can testify that after a really hard leg session (a lot of deads, breathing squats, strip sets on breathing squats) I went home, laid on the couch and stared at the ceiling. I was high :smiley:


yah im doing 8 weeks to a record bench and it only has me workout 3x a week. and just do like 45-60 of walking on off days and its driving me crazy, cause im use to lifting 4 or 5 times a week and sprinting for cardio.


Yeah, when I skip a day of working out its like im on my fucking rag or something. Nothing makes me feel better than working out.


I thought I was the only one, I love squat or deadlift day...


I wonder if we're a minority here or if other people haven't posted yet.

Two days is about the maximum time I can have off. Any more and I go absolutely crazy.


i made this post yesterday when i didnt work out all day and it put me in a really bad mood lol. well its good to know im not the only one with this problem


I get a bit pissy if it's because I have no time to hit the gym and all i'm doing is working.

If it's just cos i'm taking a break then i'm usually good just to chill.


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Well, sex is a workout in itself... especially if its without consent.

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Absolutely, I use to train harder during hard times in my life. Help me get thru it in a better mood and came out stronger, leaner and faster at the end.

I read somewhere that the best cure for depretion is intense exercise and that 8 minutes is enough. Of course their wouldn't be much physical adaption at 8 minutes but it'll cheer you up.

Also from personal experience I find that the gym cures anger for a few hours after. I get pretty angry, pretty often and this has helped me control lashing out and getting into trouble


This seems to be the main reason why - in contrast to other people I know - I don't have to force myself to train but rather to adhere to my off days. I guess this shift comes at a certain level of training maturity and seems to make or break people's persistence with regard to training.


I find working out is a good way to focus aggression, and dump a lot of negative feelings. If I don't go, I find my tension builds up and I am prone to getting snappy.


Ditto. I've gotten into the habit of overworking my legs. Deadlifts, squats, martial arts training, and sprinting... oy! Two days is definately my max for days off. Like others have mentioned, the most difficult part for me is sticking to my off days.

Because I'm crazy I purposefully overtrained during this brief holiday respite. Five straight days of total body workouts, with moderate to high intensity cardio everyday. I've been consuming 5000 to 6000 calories, and amazingly, I've been recovering quite well from the workouts! I even set a new personal best on my squat while also cranking out more HIIT sprints than I ever have. Oooh, if only I could sit around, play guitar, read T-Nation, read, and write all day.