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Montreal's Log


Long-time lurker, figured like every other long-time lurker to sign up and throw up a workout log online for tips (or perhaps someone to scream at me to stop being a "pussy" and lift some more weight".

Been doing Thibadeau's Six Weeks to Superhero but only seriously started now due to an odd knee injury (it let me deadlift, but not squat. Best knee injury I've had). So the first post is going to be big because I'm dumping three in one shot.

July 11th
Bench Comp
Top Half Bench: 225x4, 225x2, 225x2, 205x4, 205x3, 205x4 (Bench sucked that day)
Bench: 185x5, 185x5, 185x4, 185x4, 185x3, 175x4
Speed Bench: 175x5, 175x5, 175x5, 175x4, 165x5, 165x5
Medicine Ball Throw: 6 Rounds of 10
Plyo-Push Up: 6 Rounds of 10

Squat Complex
Top Half Dead: 385x6 (x5)
Deadlift: 315 x 6 (x5)
Power Clean: 195x2, 195x2, 205x1, 205x1, 205x2 (I realize its 2-3, but my ego!)
Dead Jumps: 155 x 8, 185x8, 185x8, 185x8, 185x8
Horizontal Jump: 5 Rounds of 10
Lazy day, didnt go for full 6

July 12th
Squat Complex
Top Half Squat: 365x5, 365x5, 365x6, 365x6, 365x6
Front Squat: 135x5, 155x5, 185x4, 185x2, 175x4
Snatch: 45x5, 55x5, 85x5, 85x5, 85x5 (Still learning this one)
Squat Jump: 135x8 (x5)
Vertical Jump: 5 Rounds of 10

Overhead Press Complex
TH Press: 135x6, 135x5, 135x4, 135x3, 135x3, 125x5 (Had set it too low I learned)
Shoulder Press: 115x4, 115x3, 95x5, 95x6, 95x6, 95x5
Jerks: 135x5 (x5) + 135x2
Medicine Ball Launch: 6 Rounds of 10 with Ball weighing 20-25 pounds
Elevated Plyo Push-Up: Bwx10,10,8,6,5,6


Bench and Deadlift day! I switched it around because a friend who works at the gym is there to keep an eye on form for me.

Deadlift Complex
TH Deadlift: 385x6, 385x6, 385x4, 385x6, 405x5, 405x3 (Grip issues)
Deadlift: 315x6, 315x6, 315x6, 315x6, 335x5, 335x6
Power Clean: 185x3, 195x3, 195x3, 195x3, 205x2, 205x2
Dead Jump: 225x9, 225x9, 225x8, 225x8, 225x8, 225x8
Horizontal Jump: 6 Rounds of 10

Bench Complex
Top Half Bench: 225x4, 225x3, 215x5, 215x5
Bench: 185x5, 185x5, 185x5, 185x5
Speed Bench: 175x5, 175x5, 165x5, 165x5
Medicine Ball Throw: Four rounds of 8
Plyo Push-Up: 4 Rounds of 10


June 15th

Overhead Complex
TH Press: 135x6, 135x4, 125x4, 125x4, 125x4, 125x4
Shoulder Press: 115x4, 105x5, 105x4, 95x6, 95x5, 95x4
Push Press: 135x2, 135x3, 135x2, 135x1 1/2, 135x2, 135x2
MD Throw: Heaviest ball I can find for 6 Rounds of 10
Feet Elevated Plyo-Push-Up: BW x 10,10,10,9,8,7

Squat Complex
TH Squat: 365x6, 375x6, 375x6, 365x6, 365x6, 385x5
Front Squat, 185x4 for 6 Rounds
Snatch: 95x3 for 6 Rounds
Squat Jump: 145x9,9,9,8.8,8
Vertical Jump: 6 Rounds of 10
Note I dont do backwards Sprints because of the gyms I go to, I’ve been thinking about throwing in 10 minutes of interval training right after to make up for it.

Today was ugly, squat was fine, maybe better, knee was much better, but Overhead Press was terrible. Been thinking of adding in some extra work on the 1st and 2nd off days to try and build it up faster.