Montreal Long Weekend! Testosterone Style!

Hey Guys
This weekend me and six of the boys are going to Montreal to do some serious partying. So I know most of you guys enjoy living life on the wild side from time to time. So I’m looking for weekend warrior tips from T-men who know how to do it up.Any clubs ,sites, whatever I should see why there? Where the women at?
Ideas please or just share stories of your long weekend events. Thanks Guys!

I’ve never actually been there, but I heard the SuperSex peeler joint is a hella good time.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but there are no girls in Monteal… they all moved to Vancouver… but, try and have a good weekend anyway, hahaha

The last couple of times I was there, St. Catherine street had all the good bars and clubs. This was back in 1989-1990.

Well, you just found the party capital of Canada. It depends what kind of girls you looking for. If you want to strippers and shit go to CHURCH ST., shopping (might be girls shopping too) ST. Lawrence, almost all the clubs are on St. Catherine the good ones anyway. Trust me, there is a lot of things to do there, morning and night. Don’t forget to nit up all the nice food places!!! The food there is amazing!!! The smoked meat sandwich layers of meat on paper thin bread. There are after hours parties everynight. Me and my friends stayed at the Delta Centre-ville, the girls who worked the front desk were HOTTTT and they told us where all the good clubs were. The strip clubs there are completely different from your everyday rip-joint, CHECK THEM OUT - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Ok, here’s advice from a Montrealer, not someone who just passed through.

Let’s start with the strip joints! First, Solid Gold has the best women, hands down. I don’t remember what street it’s on, so ask your cab driver if he speaks English. Chez Paree on Drummond St South of St Catherine has great girls too, but they’re snobs. Avoid Super Sex at all costs, they’re a rip off and trap many tourists like yourselves because of their central location and popularity. The last time my friend went there he spent $25 in cover charges, mandatory tips to the bouncer (??), and mandatory drinks before he got to see any skin. Candie’s on Ste-Catherine near St-Matthieu has CONTACT dances for a bargain $10 (gotta love Canada!), but the women are not as great as the other two I recommended.

Clubs: If you go to Crescent Street you'll have your choice of clubs and cafes. The crowd here is kinda young (training bra up to about early 20s), but English and easy. If you're into a more sophisticated crowd try St-Laurent St north of De Maisonneuve St. That's where a mix of English and French people in their 20s (those who've grown up at least) do their partying. Central Station on St-Laurent is a happening club recently, and Sunday nights there a lot of bar staff from the other places can be found partying (i.e. hot barmaids).

Be sure to check out the Old Port during the afternoon, especially if it’s a nice day. A lot of rollerblading hotties there, among other attractions.

Thanks everyone!
Hey G-man what club is the the best on each night of the weekend?Also where are the cougars(older horny chicks ) at?
I was also wonderin what clubs are the high end
ones. Dress code nice clientele you know .And last but not least whats the scoop on the after hours i assume you know because you are in fact G-man. thanks again

G-Man…I believe Solid Gold in on Decarrie, but I could be wrong. BG- If you and your boys are going to be down town, check out supersex for strippers. For cougers, you might want to give cresent street a try, especially Sir Winston Churchills. Otherwise, I’d stick to St. Laurant Blvd. The Go-Go Loungue, Tokyo, and maybe even Sophia’s and Cafeteria might be the kind of places you’re looking for. Afterhours- Stereo(St. Laurant), Sona(Bluery). Party up yo, and make sure to check out all the little frosh ladies runnin’ 'round McGill. Peace.

On the high end I recommend Club 737, at the top of Place Ville Marie (737ft up). Great terrace & outstanding gold-digging ladies. Wear a suit and tip big.

I second the Sona recommendation.

For cougars, Sir Winston’s is good but Thursdays also has the divorcees and anxious-to-get-hitched-but-will-settle-for-sex older secretary types.