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Monthly TRT Injections?

So I got my T levels checked again. My TT was 226, but I’m not sure about everything else(E2,etc). I have an appointment tomorrow with the doc to discuss it all. The nurse who called to set up the appointment and let me know the results said that he wanted me to come in once a month to get a shot. This seems counter productive to me because of highs and lows and so forth. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’m not an expert, but one shot a month is too far apart. Even with long esters, it’s going to be gone from your system before the next shot. I think you want something closer to once a week (twice a week would be even better)

Take a copy of your test results and find anouther doctor

Can only speak for myself I am by no means a pro at this stuff this site has VERY GOOD ADVICE

My T levels are in the toilet normal range is 7.2-24.0 my free was 1.7
T, Serum levels are 241 - 827 and my level was @ 74
NOTE: Tests are dependent upon the labs you have your test’s done at so don’t take mine as exact.

All I know is once a month will be strange unless you go on patches or cream, a daily dosage.

Injection’s are a roller coaster ride especially 1 month intervals, again there are guys on this site that know a ton more then me I read their stuff and have learned a bunch.

Good luck