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Monthly Supplements

hey fellas, what supplements do you guys buy on a monthly basis, and how much of each one?

Loads of fish oil (until I order Flameout) and Carbolin 19 (4 caps daily). Right now I’m using up my Dr Dave’s fish oil at 3 caps x 3 daily until gone. Not the greatest fish oil now that Flameout arrived, but better than most. Also, Metabolic Drive when that arrives to keep my protein intake acceptable. I’ll enjoy seeing the laundry lists that get posted here.

ZMA and (now) Flameout. A month’s supply at a time (unless there is difficulty in stocking them).

I stock up on protein bars, fish oil and whey protein (if needed).

I’m using fish oil(20tabs a day - equivalent to 4 Flameouts), Carbolin 19 (2 a day), creatine, your average protein powder & ZMA.

I’ll be hopefully placing my first order off T-Nation for some Carbolin 19 & Flameout in a few weeks.

Let’s see: Carbolin 19, ZMA, Methoxy-7, Metabolic Drive, Fish/flax caps, Alpha Male, and Surge. I’m a Biotest whore.

One 12 pack MRP bars cost around 30$, every month to much on during classes.

One 5 pound tub of whey (cost around $40) or 2 tubs of Metabolic Drive.

5 boxes of Gatorade powders, cost just over $20.

Multis and fish oils are always there but i buy em in bulk which lasts me well over a month. Also creatine is staple and i dont care if its creapure or a blend, whatever is the most cost effective purchase at the moment i chose it.

Most of the monthly bill though goes to real food, as it should.

[quote]BIGRAGOO wrote:

I’m a Biotest whore.[/quote]

Same here but I’m not as bad as you. I’m doing a cycle of Alpha Male / Methoxy-7 / Carbolin 19 right now, but it’s not a month-in-month-out thing for me.

My staples are Metabolic Drive, Surge, ZMA, multivitamins, fish oil caps, and flax seed oil caps.

Daily basis: 1 Mega Man, 500mg C, 200iu E, 10 fish oil (untill it’s gone, then Biotest’s), 3 ZMA, Metabolic Drive & ON’s Whey, Surge (3 rounded scoops with every TNG session+ creatine), and Spike (1-2 per week).

Then I usually also run 1-2 “real” supps: Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7, HOT-ROX, etc… Depending on goals.

Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, Whey, Creatine, Glutamine, Borage Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Potassium, Glucosamine and Chondritin, and MSM.

All as needed and the amounts vary. (The linoic acids are remnents of my Anabolic diet. When I’m done with what I have I don’t think I’ll buy more, same goes for the fish oil, I’ll be buying Flameout soon.)