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Monthly Supplement Expenditures?


Hey guys,

I was just really curious. What are your particular supplement stacks (and purposes for each), and how much do you average a month in the cost of those supplements?

I'm in the process of starting what could be my continuous monthly purchase, but I don't know if my finances can really support it (23 yr. old who makes shit for money).

My desired stack:

2x FA3
2x Flameout
1x Surge Workout Fuel
1X Surge Postworkout Recovery
1x TRIBEX Gold (possible)

Total: ~$220/month !yikes!


In a month, I’ll go through:

2x Flameout
1x Surge Workout
1x Surge Recover
2x Grow!
1x Rez-V
1x HOT-ROX Extreme
1/2x Curcumin 500
2x Metabolic Drive Chocolate bars (FUCK THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS)

I don’t know what it costs, and I don’t want to know.


As of this coming Monday:

Surge Recovery - After Weights/Running/Swimming
Surge Workout Fuel - Before Weights/Running/Swimming
FA3 - With Food
Flameout - With Food

Average Monthly: $220


omfg whatever happened to food. Are you guys serious. This has got to be a joke. I buy protein powder, but besides that and a multi that’s it.


I try to keep my list as basic as I can.

Couple of tubs Low Carb Met Drive (I just love this stuff, and have kept it as my core supp for years)
Bulk Whey (usually a 10 pounder from scivation, cheap as hell and ‘not bad’ as far as taste)
Bulk Fish Oils (usually add about 4-5 of these for every 1 Flameout)
Curcumin 500 (A recent addition for an inflamed forearm muscle, not a monthly staple)



markdp has got it right if you end up in any sort of financial jam you’ll wish to god you had that extra money. i have to look away from all the new supps that come out or i would end up in some serious trouble. meat and potatoes. beta-alanine,protein powder, then do what you have to do.