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Monthly Grocery Bill?


In dollars.


What good would this info do you? Someone smaller would probably pay less than someone much larger. Someone who eats out more would give a different dollar amount for "groceries" than someone who cooks their own food.

One thing I can tell you, is that if I didn't have to feed myself, I'd be rich.


well said even here in Thailand I spend an average of say 250-300 a month on just food. I do a LOT of my own cookming as well.


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No seriously though. List:
1) grocery bill
2) your weight
3) the # of people in your family

and we could probably estimate an average bill per month of groceries by relative size.

For example,

I am 190 lbs and on my own. My bill comes to roughly 400/mo when i am cooking everything.
Mine comes out to around 400/mo when i am cooking everything.


Excluding family members, I probably spend about $450pm. Currently weigh about 230.

Now, once you convert this from AUD$ to US$ you will just need to work out my bill as a % of average salary in Australia, then calculate the same % of the average salary in the US and that should give you a figure roughly representing what I spend on a groceries in US$ in a month. Then you might be able to compare it with other figures that you might get.

Good luck.


240 lbs.
A lot of sales that month-$150
No sales that month-$150

Just a tip. Wal-Mart price matches everything and most of the time they don't ask for an ad so everyday is sale day.


245 lbs.
Currently 360-400$ a month making all my own dinners.
Thats not including 100$+ supplements.


That for me really depends on the month. If I eat over at my gf's or my parents, my grocery bill drops significantly. Also depends on my work schedule, whether Im home for meals or if I have to eat out. Also depends on how generous my boss is feeling, sometimes he decides to just buy random meals for the company, when he does I spend less. If I had to guess, I'd say about $500/mo.



Approximately $200/mo for groceries.

I still use my parents kitchen/freezers as my personal grocery store.


1) 800 to 1000 dollars per month.
2) 170 lbs
3) one

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$800-$1000 per month in food (making/cooking/going out to eat) + $200-$400 in supplements.

This is for TWO people. :slightly_smiling:


$240 last month.

I even shop at Aldi's because I am a poor college kid.


I'm only 143lbs and I spend $500+ dollars a month just on groceries (but I shop at Whole Foods in NYC so...). Supplements are about $165 a month.


Holy shit!

My brother and I have a combined bill (cooking and eating out) of a little under $3,000 a month! And that doesnt include the weekends!

I just bought a house, two BBQs and two huge freezers to go with it... a couple trips a month to Costco and my mortgage is paid - I can even finance a large pool and waterfalls for the backyard and get a new Subaru and Glock... I guess eating at home aint that bad.


I know this is off topic, but I just bought a 2003 Subaru WRX. Should be here by Friday :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, I spend about $100/week on just food from the grocery store.


around $300/month (includes supps. & eating out)
175 lbs (ectomorph)
just me and occasionally my gf


@400$ per month

Much less if company makes me travel which is 50% of the time if it's over night they allow me 25$ per meal, I normally eat really good when I travel.

150$, for sups



I have a 2003 WRX; it's a great car... it's perfect for driving to the grocery store.


225 pound broke-ass college student

About $240 a month

Still steal a lot of stuff from home


-$800+ a month on groceries, not to mention the $200+ in eating out.