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Montana Town Hall with Obama


You can just see how desperate he is, another fake town hall. Anyone else watching this shit?
Why is he praising his failed stimulus plan?


AHAHAHAAHAH, just flipped it on. Some classy acting, Obama says " Baba booey Baba booey Howard Stern's penis"
Audience claps
"Fuck the constitution"
Audience claps
"Now everyone line up and take a sip of the kool aid we have brought for everyone"

Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1eFdUSnaQM

Oh man oh man, I love how he throws in that "these questions haven't been prescreened or selected," and then proceeds to roll up his sleeves to give the impression to the audience that he is a regular joe working hard on fixing this country. Everyone sees past your little tricks Obama.


I love his answer to how to pay for it. To bad the CBO already included that and you are still short!

I will give him this, this man can promote something even if he has never read it.


You just answered your original question. By getting up there on stage and answering questions, he gives the impression of having the debate he has so frequently been mentioning. He can give a questioner 30 seconds to speak, then go off on his own tangent, spinning the facts and hiding his agenda. He comes off as the "average joe" (another topic-but I don't want an average joe president, I want my president in a suit and tie) while at the same time chastising those who disagree and dismissing all skeptics with baseless rhetoric.


(Meant to just add this as an edit, but my post hasn't shown up yet.)

I would be much more impressed if Obama scrapped these town halls and debated a well-spoken member of the opposition on this topic. Giving the other side a fair chance to present their arguments would go much further towards having a real debate than letting them ask a 30 second question.

I think Peter Schiff would make an excellent debater, but I'm sure we could find a Senator or Representative that could intelligently present an argument (read: not John McCain).

Of course Obama would never go for this. I still can't decide if he's intelligent enough to debate on the facts or not, but either way a true debate would directly hamper his cause.


Peter Schiff would destroy him in a debate.

I love how they stereotyped people, especially the NRA member. And another thing, why are these business people that are on their asking questions listing the names of the companies they own? Not very often you get to plug your business on a national level.



Peter Schiff needs to run, he could do very well with everything going on right now.


I think he will definately fun for Dodd's senate seat in Connecticut. I think he is just trying to build some momentum by getting people to push him to run. At this point (as in with well over a year to go), I think his name gets thrown around in the media more as a potential runner than it would if he formally announced. I would expect to hear something in the next three months.


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