Monsters of the Midwest III

Just thought I’d put a plug in for Willie and Dione - anyone in or near the St. Louis area, the contest in the thread title is being held this coming Saturday the 14th at 10AM.

Address is
Wayne’s Warehouse
10200 Paige Industrial Blvd
Overland, MO 63132

Just a tip, it’s a little hard to find once you’re on Paige Industrial; you’ll turn onto PI from Paige, then turn right at I believe the second stop sign and it’ll be on your left a little set off from the street. 10200 will be on a building with a blue awning right at the stop sign where you turn.

There’s a pro card available, so it should be a good show.



The Wessels put on a great show and are extremely friendly and helpful.

Waynes Warehouse had a Heating and Air business in the front if that helps anyone find the place.

I printed off the directions off of Yahoo I think and other than finding the right door to get into the part of the building where the show was I had no problem finding it and if you have kids and are going to be in town on Sunday check out the St Louis Science Center or some such over by the zoo.

My whole family had a pretty good Sunday afternoon there after attending a a NAS show last summer.