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Monster Shoulder Rehab Challenge


Ok, I'm posting this to help a friend because I'm not sure how to proceed here. I'll try keep it brief.

Friend in question does not have the full use of his arm due to some half-wit quack fucking it up when he was a baby. I think he actually has titanium in there too.

My friend cannot straighten his arm, he cannot lift it overhead.

He has now decided to start working out, and to his credit he's a strong guy. I've seen him deadlift over 225lbs for five plus reps when he first tried it. Problem being the bar was at a slant due to the shoulder/arm issue.

Its part injury, part him not using the thing properly for 20 something years.

I'm all for him working out and becoming awesome and he's asked for my help and wants to train with me but I have no idea how to help him with this.

I realise this is something that is going to have to be sorted out by just getting stuck in and finding stuff out as you come to it.

But, have you guys got any suggestions? Pointers? Whatever. Open range, fire away. Please anything appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Not really sure what is wrong with your friend's arm
But maybe passive and active ROM stretches/ exercises to help "straighten" it out first would help, maybe some direct triceps and biceps arm work (kind of goes hand in hand with ROM exercises) to get the arm "flexible"
Why doesn't your friend go see a PT or DR first before engaging in physical activity?


All the PT's have told him exercise is bad. But in the same sense that squats and DL's are bad.

Part of the issue is the damage that was done to the shoulder when the doctor smashed it. And part of it is him not using it as a little kid so I think there is some sort of atrophy.


I don't know to what degree the shoulder has been "smashed"
But I think the best solution would be to go the DR and PT and figure out a way to incorporate the arm in ADLs (activities of Daily Living) usually after surgery or a procedure if a patient or client feels it necessary on top of the DRs orders, they are welcome to attend rehab
If your friend's shoulder/ arm is atrophied from lack of use, then the best thing would be to see a DR or PT and slowly bring it up to par before hitting the weights

I'm basing all this from your description of your friend
(I have no clue as to how stiff/ rigid, weak, the tissue quality, reactive, your friend's shoulder/ arm is)
So there is a lot that goes into an actual assessment that can be described over the web
Sorry in advance
First thing that comes to my mind is that what the hell is this guy doing in the gym, he should be rehabbing himself


What the hell indeed! Hence my post here. I'm just trying to figure out a way to deal with this. He's so keen on bulking up that I think he's putting the wrong things first too.

I dunno I guess I thought I might strike it lucky with a post on here. But you're right, proper rehab is the only way forward.

Thanks for your time though!