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Monster Muscle Problems?

I was wondering if anybody else is having problems with Monster Muscle? I ordered some stuff from them almost a month ago, already have been billed, but when I asked for an update I got no response.

That is 2 emails and 2 calls to the owner in the last couple of weeks. Anybody else having these issues? I generally try to support powerlifting related sites and don’t expect perfect customer service from them, but this zero contact is getting annoying. Plus I ordered something that I was looking to use in a meet I have in 2 weeks.

I’ve had stuff I ordered from them never show up.

I suggest you write it off as a learning experience and never do business with them again.

Unfortunately, Monster Muscle is just another fly-by-night unreliable internet business run by nitwits.

I tried to support them when they started too, then I got fucked.

yeah dude, if you look on their forums there are all kinds of people talking shit about never getting stuff and or communication.

never order stuff from Monster Muscle…

Contact your credit card company and file a report. In most cases you’ll be credited with your billed amount.

Same story. Ordered, never got it and never able to get any info. Called credit card company and they refunded it.

I had ordered in the past with no problems. The main issue was no communication. I waited a long time, and wouldn’t have minded waiting as long as it took if they would have told me something, or anything at all. But never once was able to get in contact.

Too many good places out there to mess around with a “company” that can’t take the time out to even respond to a customer.

I ordered from them once several years ago and had no issues. But, as I said, that was anumber of years ago, so perhaps things have taken a turn for the worse over there.

I had ordered Chalk about 2 months ago from monster muscle and did not recieve anything. Then i heard other people were having the same problems so i called about the status of my order and they knew nothing of my order. I then E-mailed them. Monster muscle said my order was on hold due to shipping problems. the problem was they are retards. I told them just to cancell my order but they wouldnt. To my supprise a few weeks later I recived my order. What a shitshow that was. Never will I order from them again. and i recomend no person to order from them either.