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Monster Mash Seasoning/Sauce

What kind of seasonings and sauce do y’all like to put on your monster mash? I’m trying Tuscan garlic and some salt for the first one and am not too sure what sauce to try. Thanks!

For me, anything with ground meat gets fajitas seasoning thrown all over it.

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I’d love to see some people’s recipes. I’ve just learned about monster mash and would love to try a few.

Ah man fajita seasoning would be awesome on it. I did it straight according to the recipe this time and used Tuscan garlic seasoning. Might play around and try to find a neutral seasoning that works with a bunch of different sauces next.

Ate my first lunch serving of monster mash and it was a shit-ton of food. Threw some habanero sauce on it this morning and mixed it in after heating it and it turned out pretty good. I’d love to see the dude claiming to only get 2 days of lunches out of this recipe, it’s like 6 pounds of food.

Spicy does it for me, any of these:

Chopped green chile,
red enchilada sauce

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Probably gonna leave the garlic seasoning out next time and just do salt and pepper, I think the garlic may clash with the Mexican style sauces. I have some hot sauce from a local family that moved here from Durango, Mexico, but it’s so hot I’d be nervous eating it at work…

My dad pre-cooks the ground beef with Indian spices. Turmeric, cumin, cardomom seeds, cinammon, bay leaves. I take out the whole spices as I reheat. Once I add the rice and broth, it gets kinda watered down, so adding more cumin when it’s reheating is nice. Especially when adding vegetables.

I dont even know if peas are vertical, but I usually reheat the beef with frozen pea and carrot mix. Kinda reminds me of Cup Of Ramen as a kid.

Also, prolly not vertical, but I add beef and chicken bouillon to my rice for flavor and salt.

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Taco seasoning is good also.


Put A1 sauce on my monster mash for lunch today and it’s really good. I’ve been noticing some gastric distress with too much hot sauce so I might have to dial it back to just Frank’s Red Hot or something equivalent.