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Hey guys, I’ve been on this program for around 3 weeks, currently on my 4th. I’m still considered a beginner as I have only been lifting seriously for a couple months on and off. I work out on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule alternating between these two:

Workout 1
Squat - 3x5

Bench Press - 3x3

DB Incline Press - 8 reps
1-Arm DB Row - 8 reps
3 sets

DB Lateral Raises - 10 reps
DB Shrugs - 10 reps
3 sets

Workout 2
Deadlift - 2x5

Military Press - 3x5

DB Incline Press - 8 reps
1-Arm DB Row - 8 reps
3 sets

DB Rear Delt Raise - 10 reps
DB Seated Power Clean - 10 reps
3 sets

Until today, this program has been working well for me, as I have been making steady gains. Today however, my bench has stalled (I wasn’t able to bench for the planned load today) and training felt a bit more monotonous than usual. Any suggestions? Switch Bench with Dips, etc. or Deload perhaps? If I left out anything important above please let me know too.


Nobody stalls in a couple of months. Make sure your preworkout nutrition is sufficent to keep you energized through your workout and don’t expect to be able to add more plates to the bar every week.

We all have bad training days at times, I wouldn’t be concerned untill they start to become a trend.

Just keep lifting.

How are your squats and deadlifts coming along?

I ask that because you have 10 lifts for upper body and 2 for lower body, and even one of those puts a ton of stress on your upper body.

Try to swap out a couple of those upper body lifts for lower body and see how things go.

And as stated above, make sure your nutrition is sorted out.

All that planned training load stuff is crap. If you stick to that program hard you will see a predictable pattern at which you get stronger. Could be you didnt get enough sleep or didnt eat properly. Also you should add some vertical pulling in there.

Yeah where are the pull ups and leg moves. Maybe some lunges would do the trick. I wish i could do lunges but I broke my toe.


About the stalling becoming a trend, I’ve had my bench press stall before when i was using 3x5 (I didnt’t have any other upper body exercises but Pullups and Rows as well). That’s why I use 3x3 and added some other exercises to freshen things up. Preworkout nutrition is in order and Squats and Deadlifts are going well.

And to Shadow, yeah I didnt do all those calculated loads and what not. It’s more of a case that I “predicted” wrong. On average I go up like 5 pounds each work out and I this time I wasn’t able to increase the weight as I would have expected to be able to.

Thanks for the answers so far, guys.

I used to do lunges on Deadlift day and RDL’s on Squat Day. With the lunges, though, my butt would be too sore the next day to even sit down or stand up right.