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Monotony And Favorites, What Are Yours?

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced with adjusting my eating style is figuring out a way to be consistent but still provide enough variety that it does not nuke the enjoyment of my favorite snacks.

As of now I eat a lot of oatmeal, blueberries, tuna, cottage cheese, peanut butter, spinach and turkey.

Unarguably, for optimal health, variety is an important component. Physically and mentally, we seem to function better with options and alternatives.

But, when your goal is consistently lots of calories, it makes a lot of sense to find meals that you can tolerate for a long time that provide “everything the body needs” Putting all together is a challenge, and I’m finding what works for me, but I’m curious what is working for everyone else.

So here are my questions:
What are your favorite ‘staples’?
What do you ‘tolerate’ but don’t necessarily enjoy?

What foods have you pretty much ruined by eating too much of?

How do you reconcile losing variety for performance?

How often do you ch-treat yourself to something a little bit questionable but oh so delicious?
Do you do anything worth noting with your diet to keep it interesting?

Is this really an issue for others or am I just making a fuss?