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Hi guys..I am going to make this short..
Been diagnosed with mono 5 months ago..
My spleen got really large and I had to take a break..Doctor said it will take 6 months till it all passes but I think that 6 months is too much..And my friend had the same problem,doc said to him 6 months and after only 1 month he was all better..My spleen is looking normal again and doc said that I can swim but did not mention gym or anything..

I feel awesome now..It has been too long and I want to start training..At least do some running and push ups pull ups and stuff like that..What do you think guys? I cant visit that doctor because he is on vacation for a long time..


Who’s taking his calls? Typically, when a doc goes on vacation he has someone to see his patients.

Ask THAT doctor, no a bunch of yahoos on the internet.


I cant ask him because i am on vacation too…And i think that once per week is not going to hurt me…I trained a lot harder 1 month after diagnose and i felt great…Didn’t have any problems…And spleen shrinked a lot…


Bane, listen to your doctor. I’ve had mono twice and both times it has taken at least 4 months to resolve itself. The second time I had it, it took me 7 months before I was cleared, 6 before I stopped sleeping 16hrs a day. Just listen to the doctor.