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Monolith Template and Single-Ply Lifting?


Hey Jim. I'm keen to do the monolith template, as my main goal this year is to get some more mass on my frame for powerlifting (I'm 6 foot 2 and only 96kg/210lb at this stage). I have recently started doing single-ply equipped powerlifting after 3 years of raw and so I was wondering whether doing one day of equipped work that's not too strenuous - moreso technique practice, will fuck with this program? If so, I'm happy to put that on hold until I complete this.

P.s. I know you get a ridiculous amount of frustrating questions so I apologise if this is a repeat question.


The monolith template will help you build size, but you'll need to focus on recovery (diet, sleep etc). Adding anything to a proven template probably isn't a great idea.


Fair enough. Cheers mate