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Monolith Question: After Six Weeks

On the page, Jim wrote “High rep leg work is a GREAT way to build size on a frame but it is very stressful to your body and for most, canâ??t be done for much longer than 3-6 weeks. On paper it may seem like a good idea but it takes a toll on your body.”

This doesn’t seem like an unbreakable rule, but I tend to play the safer side of things. That said, if I’m still hitting all the reps, should I stick with monolith after a deload week? Or should I go on to another program and come back, maybe to start 2016?

I’m thinking I should start a new 5/3/1 program and then start off 2016 with monolith again. But I’ve really enjoyed this program; my wife even mentioned she noticed that I had added size in the last three weeks.

Anyway, I’ll probably swap programs. Jim’s always been right with his warnings. Anyone else have a different perspective?

You’re not supposed to miss reps, so I wouldn’t use that as an indication of anything.

Do a lower volume/higher intensity template and reap the rewards of your new found size.