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Monolift- How Much More Can You Squat?


Hey guys!
So the meet I'm competing in has a monolift squat rack. My top weight to walk out was going to be 300lbs. I've never used a monolift, is there a learning curve to it? Or should I go for some extra weight? It's my understanding that you can't change your 2nd or 3rd attempt so I guess I have to decide before... maybe not?


What federation is it? I've never heard of one where you have to decide on your 2nd and 3rd attempts beforehand.


i think you can always walk it out if you are not comfortable with the monolift ?


If you walk your weights out in training, do that in competition as well if you aren't used to using the monolift.


you can't change them once they are listed or at least you can't go lighter. If for example you have a 300lbs opener and can't lift it, you cant put 280 on your second attempt, you can only go heavier - 305,310 and so on.


With that said you don't give your second and third lifts before the competition starts. After you do your first lift whether or not it is successful you have to walk to the score table and provide them with your second attempt (with it having to be greater than or equal to your first attempt) and then the same with your third after your second.


There is, but if you can warm up in a mono you should be OK.