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Anyone ever have mono? I found out I just had it which explains alot. I felt like crap for the past month and a half. I barely worked out because I could never stay awake. But I thought people who got mono lost weight, not me I ended up gaining bodyfat, I only felt like sleeping and eating. Anyone else like this? Anything you can do to get over it quicker, I still have it but it seems to be going away. Thanks.

Hey man, I don’t know what to say except that I hope you get better. I had a friend who had mono, and he had to take a quarter off from school. At least he got to watch reruns of News Radio. Take care buddy. In no time you’ll be at the gym pumping weights and getting all the babes to show you their g-strings.

Had mono, very sever case which landed me in the hospital for a few days. I got to watch every episode of The Kids In The Hall though, good trade off.

Mono hit me hard back in HS. I lost muscle and got fat for the first time in my life. I was actually relieved when I was diagnosed as I had zero energy, felt depressed and slept all the time and couldn’t figure out why. This was back in '86 and the only recommendation I got (from my MD) was to take suplemental L-lysine and get lots of rest. I didn’t workout at all-which I now think was a mistake. I think very short, non-intense weights and some walking would have helped. I think Powerdrive could be beneficial for your mental status. Other than that, I believe just trying to stay as healthy as possible while it runs it’s course is the best advice.


I know just how you feel i had mono (glandular fever ) for a period and felt rotten missed training and put on fat yuk , however a friend of mind work as a herbalist and suggested i supplement with garlic echinacea and chlollophy , get plenty of rest avoid alcholl and drink plenty of water , it seemed to work for me , give the gym a rest