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Earlier this week i wrote a post about how long i should lay off from having mono. Well i felt bad the day i went to the doctor and the day after, and i went to the doctor on Monday, but today is friday and i feel great, prolly better than i have in 2 or 3 weeks. And everybody said that it would be months before i could get back into the gym. I have energy and i feel really good, i go back to the doctor on tuesday to see what he says. But i feel like i can starting working out again. Really easy though, maybe twice a week. But from what everybody else says when they have had mono, i just dont see how i can have it. They said they felt like shit and they were so tired all they could do was sleep. I’m about to go crazy because i’ve been doing nothing but resting and i have energy then i rest and THEN I GET TIRED FROM RESTING AND I’M ABOUT TO GO CRAZY. Do you guys think i could start workin out?

Just ask your doctor. If you start back too soon or too fast, you could cause a relapse. That would suck balls.

Binford, I understand your situation. When I got mono a year and a half ago, I was only “out of commission” for a couple of days. Just like you, I was eager to get back to the gym and other activities rather quickly.

As it turned out, I returned to the gym after only one week off, but probably ended up doing myself more harm than good. I was able to make it through workouts, but my recovery was noticeably worse. I kept on going to the gym and baseball practice anyway, and now realize that I probably wasn’t “completely recovered” from mono for another month or two. Yes, I was able to make it through everything I did, but improvements were few and far between (especially in the gym). If I had to do it again, I would have waited at least another full week before returning to the gym.