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Well i went to the doctor today and found out i have mono. So does anybody have any suggestions on how long i should lay off training and what kind of routine i should use when coming back?

Like 6 months, at least. No joke.

It stays in your system for something like a year, making a relapse possible.

I had it my freshman year of HS. Who ya’ been kissing? :wink:

6 month? You’ve got to be kidding me, thats just rediculous. Sorry man but I think you have no idea what your talking about.

Or you can be a dick about it …

Anyway, he’s not kidding. Mono can be very serious if you’re not careful. It can enlarge your spleen, making you risk rupturing it.

Take some time off. Read some books. Come back with full force. Remember that rest and taking care of your body is also part of “lookin good nekid”.

unfortunately, he is not kidding. I got mono my senior year in college and didnt want to tone down the workouts/life. I ended up in the hospital and lost about 25 lbs.

Got mono in October, didnt get back to full stride until the following spring.

Don’t mess around with it, or you will only make yourself worse. Better to play it safe now, and hope to be back in the gym by June.

I’m sorry i seemed like a dick, but 6 months just seemed a little crazy for any illness. So you guys are saying i shouldn’t do like anything at all untill june?

just listen to your body. I know that I refused to miss the gym when I got it, and ended up doing more damage to myself. Everyone is different, but depending on the severity, June seems save. My 6 month layoff was for a severe case (in the hospital for a week).

Just take it easy now… any muscle loss will be back in no time

Okay, here’s my mono story, if it helps. I received mono as a break-up gift from my girlfriend when I was 21. I got diagnosed with it in March of 2001, but I had probably had been feeling the effects of it for several weeks before.

My workouts took everything out of me, and recovery took forever. I figured I was just a pussy, so I pushed through it. Well, I figured I was having allergy issues, as spring starts early here in SC. So I went to the doctor, as I had never really struggled with allergies too much, but my father always had, so I figured it was just my time.

Within two minutes of seeing me, my doctor wanted to test me for mono, which I ended up testing positive for. It was awfully deflating news at first, as I’m not the kind of person who typically enjoys taking a lot of time off. He gave me a couple of dates to come back and get checked out again, but until then, I couldn’t do anything.

I was lucky in that I was quite busy between work and college, so I was able to not go crazy. It’s a different life that the rest of the world leads. Not worrying about what or when you eat, when you can make it to the gym, showering two or three times a day. My appetite actually came under control, as I typically get hungry every two hours, no matter what I ate two hours before.

I lost a lot of weight. I dropped from about 230 to the 205 range. That was quite disheartening, but, hey, what could I do about it? Even after I got cleared to go back to working out (it was summertime by this point), I tried to take it slow.

If anything, I would suggest that you work on cardio before and during your comeback. I planned to do cardio, but as with most of my plans to do cario, that failed. :slight_smile: The problem was that the muscle came back quite easily, and by fall I was back up to 240 and stronger than I had been before. The problem was was that my conditioning was horrible. Playing basketball killed me.

So take it slow coming back, and realize that not all muscles may respond as well as the pretty outside ones.

I have a similar mono story, and have heard many in the same vain.

Take it easy! The faster you let your self heal the faster you will be back. Don’t push it, i did and it cost me a year of college baseball.

I know Steve Coppola did the same thing as i did, even neglected my advice, and lost alot of his Fresh. year.

Just chill, listen to your doctor and your body.

good luck.

is there any way to speed up recovery? Supplements? Maybe moderate exercise (i.e. walking or light light)?