Mono - What to Eat to Maintain Muscle While Not Lifting

Like the title says I found out on thursday that I have mono. I’m tired all the time and never hungry. On top of that I can’t lift or work out for 4 weeks minimum.

I’m looking to put together a nutritional plan that will

  1. Help me get healthy faster
  2. minimize muscle catabolism
  3. if possible reduce the amount of body fat I’ll acquire by sitting around for 4 weeks.

So basically eating to maintain while not working out, and not having an appetite. I did a quick search and found nothing like this and am just looking for some opinions.

So suggest away, thanks in advance. Anything will be a help.

edit* oh supplement suggestions are welcome too.
I currently have in cabinet stock L-glutamine, BCAA’s, ZMA, Fish Oil, Whey protein.

I guess I might as well tell you what I have for food so far to see if I’m heading in the right direction:
bananas, pineapple, eggs, yogurt, popsicles, almonds, trail mix, oatmeal, peanut butter, tunafish, beef jerky

As far as supplements are concerned, I know you’re already taking them, but you may even consider bumping BCAA intake up during this period. They are good for immune function and maintaining muscle.

Also you may want to consider a good greens supplement like Superfood, or even get a multivitamin to prevent any deficiencies in vitamins and/or minerals.

Other than that I’d say eat try to eat clean and as much as your appetite will allow.

That sucks, I had mono in college. I would make protein shakes several times a day as I couldn’t stand to eat much food. Hope you get through it quickly.

Keep carbs lower, as you won’t need nearly as much, even staying away from things like oatmeal. Take glutamine with shakes and like it was said bump up BCAA intake to prevent muscle loss. Avoid the dairy as it can act as an immune suppresant. take your ZMA like you probably have been. And just sleep when needed. Stay away from extreme chemicals (sweetners, sodas, caffeine). Other than that just flush your system with plenty of water and you could try drinking some extra herbal tea and supplementing with whole garlic. I usually cut a bulb up into pill size pieces and swollow it whole. Works great to recover faster.

x2 on the BCAAs, take advantage of Leucine in particular.


Vitamin D

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:


Yes. For the LIVER, because your bilirubin will be high from a good case of mono.

NAC and also milk thistle would be good. Do NOT drink alcohol until about a month or two after you get better; your liver panel will still show high activity and it’ll take away for the liver to calm down.