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Mono Relapse

Over the past three years, I have been diagnosed with mononucleosis three times at the same exact month/time. The first time I was absolutely bed ridden and didn’t train for months… second time I took a month off and went back to training… I recently got diagnosed again for the third time… and have been working 40 hour weeks.

The only symptoms I am having is some fatigue, body feeling a little “weird”, and I am pretty depressed. I believe I probably had my flare up 2-3 weeks ago… and continued lifting heavy through it which was a dumb idea!(even though I didn’t know) Apparently whenever I undergo stress… I get relapses… so college graduation along with new job and hard training put me over the edge.

I have lost quite a bit of muscle already and am upset that I never can catch a break! Does anyone know if the relapses or times after the first are suppose to be worse or not as bad?The doctor said I should still avoid contact sports but I could workout if my body felt like it… I only worry about my spleen and can’t tell if I am having mid section is feeling weird some days from the mono or it’s my mind making me think this…

I have also contemplated quitting lifting all together… since mono ended my college athletic career and plans to power lift. Any suggestions or feedback? I am planning on working out super light (50% of max) to try to maintain some muscle??